​Application fees are distinct from renewal fees

Fees are set by law.  No exceptions are made.  Once fees are submitted, they will not be refunded, credited, transferred or prorated.

The application fee must be paid before staff will process an application.
  • The application and fees are valid for one year from the date received. 
  • If a license is not obtained within one year, a new application and processing fee must be submitted. 
  • Fees charged by any other agencies to provide verification to the Board are the applicant’s responsibility. 
The application fee does not include the initial registration fee.
  • The initial registration fee is assessed once the application is complete. 
  • The Board must receive the initial registration fee before issuing a license. 
  • Fees are reduced for applicants who are licensed in the second year of the biennium. 
​Current licensing fees are below.  Blue-shaded columns are Board-assessed fees.  Green-shaded columns are collected by the Board but remitted to other state agencies as directed by the Oregon Legislature. 
  • The Oregon State Police assesses the Board a fee for performing criminal background checks.
  • The Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) receives library funding.
  • The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) receives funding for the workforce database and prescription drug monitoring program.