Rules Proposed and Adopted



The rule repeal removes the discovery rule for contested case hearings because the Oregon Medical Board has adopted the Attorney General’s model rules on discovery in contested case hearings.  

Reporting Requirements

The rule amendments add clarity to the mandatory reporting requirements under Oregon Revised Statutes 676 and 677.  The revised section (1) breaks the reporting requirements into categories for licensee self-reports, licensee obligations to report other professionals, and health care facility reports.  The amendment adds a civil penalty for licensees who fail to report.  The rule also updates the name of the state’s monitoring program to the Health Professionals’ Services Program and makes other housekeeping and general grammar updates.  

Scope of Practice

The rule amendment makes four changes.  First, the amendment clarifies that the scope of practice is the maximum functions that may be assigned to EMS providers; it is not standing orders, protocols, or curriculum.  Second, the amendment moves the provision allowing an EMT to perform other tasks under visual supervision as directed by the physician to the scope of practice for an Emergency Medical Responder.  Third, the amendment corrects “Albuterol sulfate” to “albuterol.”  Fourth, the amendment expands the Paramedic’s ability to initiate and maintain urinary catheters.​