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Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants: Who is Eligible?
Who can Apply

 Wesley Lynn Park
 Wesley Lynn Park
Eligible applicants are cities, counties, park and recreation districts, METRO, port districts, Indian tribes, and Oregon state agencies (Parks & Recreation Dept., Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Dept. of Forestry, and Dept. of State Lands).
Project Guidelines
LWCF grants are available to either acquire land for public outdoor recreation or to develop basic outdoor recreation facilities.
Acquisition – Acquiring land and water for public access, including new area or additions to existing parks, forests, wildlife areas, beaches or similar.
Development – Developing outdoor recreation activities and support facilities needed by the public for recreation activities, including providing basic facilities and improvement of basic facilities.
Projects must be consistent with the outdoor recreation goals and objectives stated in the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan  (SCORP) and elements of your local comprehensive land use plans and park master plans. Projects must also comply with the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Match Criteria

 Florence Skate Park
 Florence Skate Park
LWCF provides up to 50 percent project funding. Eligible matches include local budged funds, donated funds, and the value of property, equipment, materials, and/or labor.  
Land previously acquired and work completed prior to project approval cannot be used as a match. Pre-agreement design and engineering costs may be eligible, but all other projects costs and match must occur within the project period.

Application Contents

Applications must include the following:
  1. Park Acquisition and Development Checklist
  2. Grant Application Forms and Attachments
  3. Estimate of Development Costs and Schedule Form
  4. Project Sponsor Certification Form
  5. Civil Rights Assurance of Compliance Form DI-1350
  6. Certification of Debarment and Suspension Form DI-1954
  7. Copies of State Natural Resource Agency Reviews and Comments
  8. Program Narrative
  9. Environmental Assessment
  10. Vicinity Map (12 copies)
  11. Park Master Plan and Project Boundary Map (12 copies)
  12. Property Deeds/Lease Agreements
  13. Permits, agreements, etc. (Corps Permits, Division of State Lands Permit, if applicable)
  14. Construction Plans and Specifications
  15. Letter from Local Planning Department
  16. Project Description and Environmental Screening Form

Acquisition projects must also include:
  1. Assessors Plat or Boundary Survey Map
  2. Preliminary Title Report
  3. Appraisal (must conform to the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions)

SCORP and Grants
To allocate LWCF funds objectively, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Committee and staff use the Open Project Selection Process criteria to evaluate how well a project proposal falls into the 2013-2017 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP).

Sustainable Projects
Sustainability means using, developing, and protecting resources in a manner that enables people to meet current needs and provides that future generations can also meet future needs, from the joint perspective of environmental, economic and community objectives.
For more information on making your project sustainable, click the following link:


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Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants