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2005-11 Heritage Plan
Oregon Heritage Commission
Celebrating Oregon's Heritage

Goals of the
Oregon Heritage Commission

Oregon's heritage is a legacy for the future, preserved among prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, and in historic buildings and landscapes. It is contained in the collective wealth of our museums and heritage institutions, and embodied in our public celebrations and anniversaries.

Goals of the Heritage Commission

In partnership with the Heritage Conservation Division of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, various regional and statewide heritage groups, and individual Oregonians, the work of the Heritage Commission is guided by its four mission areas: coordination, advocacy, education and promotion. Each mission area has several goals, which provide the framework for developing objectives and an action plan. These goals provide the linkage between the work of the Heritage Commission and the many heritage, educational and tourism organizations and initiatives across the state.

Communication is fundamental to coordinating and encouraging Oregon's many and varied heritage interests and constituents. The Commission's activities embrace all means of communication to promote a discussion among those many interests, both to encourage and celebrate the success of local heritage preservation efforts; and to promote statewide initiatives and events.


  • Provide regularly scheduled statewide and regional heritage community forums.
  • Facilitate statewide access to heritage information.
  • Publicize statewide and community heritage programs and projects.
  • Coordinate efforts with key stakeholders and partner agencies.
Additional and sustainable funding is essential to preserving and enhancing Oregon's existing heritage resources and programs, and for launching new efforts. The Heritage Commission encourages increased private and public investment in heritage conservation and development as an essential element of Oregon's economic growth, quality of life and society.


  • Increase awareness of Oregon's diverse heritage within the business community.
  • Encourage and support private sector "heritage investment" policies and programs
  • Support initiatives to improve and sustain funding for heritage programs and projects within state agencies.
  • Solicit public support for statewide heritage programs and organizations.
  • Increase awareness of stewardship opportunities among Oregon's youth, businesses, and public.
The Heritage Commission works with the Oregon Tourism Commission and the tourism industry to develop and promote local and statewide cultural tourism events and destinations that reflect authentic Oregon heritage, and that highlight and celebrate the diversity of people and places that comprise Oregon's cultural landscape.


  • Encourage and facilitate statewide heritage commemorations and celebrations.
  • Champion cultural heritage tourism as a local and statewide economic development tool in partnership with the Oregon Tourism Commission.
  • Support public and private investment in heritage tourism programs and projects.
  • Promote quality, integrity, and authenticity in heritage tourism and interpretation.
  • Expand awareness of the value of heritage tourism to Oregon's tourism industry.
The Heritage Commission believes well-trained teachers, interpreters, and heritage professionals are essential to preserve Oregon's heritage. Working together with the education and heritage communities, the Heritage Commission strives to acquaint Oregonians with the wide range of heritage learning opportunities and to provide technical training to the stewards of Oregon's heritage.


  • Publicize educational programs and events that can broaden public understanding of Oregon's historic places and events.
  • Promote cooperative efforts of education institutions and heritage organizations at the local and regional level.
  • Encourage heritage awareness as important at all levels in the K-12 curriculum.
  • Advocate for Oregon history to be taught in grades K-12.
  • Support and facilitate educational and training opportunities for small museums and local heritage organizations.
  • Expand awareness of the value of heritage tourism to Oregon's tourism industry.