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Coos County History Books and Publications

The following are books written during the past 50 years that deal primarily with Coos County history or communities in Coos County. If you have additional books to suggest, complete this form. You may also use this [pdf ] version. 
This listing is merely to inform people of some of the available history books. It is not an endoresement of any or all of the publications.

Beckham, Curt. Early Coos County Loggers. Myrtle Point: Hillside Brook Co., 1988. Glossary, Photographs, bibliography, index. 58 pages.
A primarily oral account of the logging industry in Coos County in the early twentieth century centering around the experiences of individual persons and the history of logging companies. The volume provides some information provided about logging techniques and equipment. Lacks footnotes, but the author speaks authoritatively.
Beckham, Curt. Kurt’s Korner. Supplement to the Myrtle Point Herald, May 1990.
A collection of first person stories about specific personal and community events told in the first person. Many provide insights into life in the early to late-19th and mid- 20th century.
Beckham, Curt. Myrtle Point Beginnings. Myrtle Point: Myrtle Point Printing, 1986. Photographs, bibliography. 67 pages. 
Written to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the town of Myrtle Point, the book chronicles the town’s settlement through the early 20th century. The book is organized into chapters that address a specific community event, building, person, family, or trends. A decent general resource, but lacking specific details or discussion of larger trends.
Douthit, Nathan. Uncertain Encounters: Indians and Whites at Peace and War in Southern Oregon, 1820s-1860s. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2002. Maps, photographs, bibliography, index, notes. 248 pages.
Investigates the Hudson’s Bay Company’s fur-trade relations with southern Oregon Indians, white exploration, early Indian-white encounters, their war, and the ultimate removal of Indians to reservations. Highlights development of middle-ground relationships between Indian women and white men during and after removal.
Douthit, Nathan. A Guide to Oregon South Coast History: Traveling the Jedediah Smith Trail. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 1999. Photographs, appendixes, bibliography, index.  208 pages.
A brief history covering Coos and Curry counties in a tour-book format centered around the travels of Oregon pioneer Jedediah Smith. Topics include archaeological sites, historic buildings and shipwrecks, and other areas of interest to tourists. Although aimed toward the modern traveler, a wealth of historic information is provided in brief narrative format.
Eickworth, Lorance William, Eight-Eight Years on Coos Bay. No publication information, 1994. Photographs. 113 pages.
An autobiography that spans from the author’s birth in 1905 until 1993 in Coos Bay. Although an extremely personal narrative, the author offers insights into the various industries operating at the time and the community of Coos Bay.
Glancing Back: Pioneer Lore. North Bend: Coos-Curry Pioneer and Historical Association, 1972. 34 pages.
A typed manuscript of “stories” based on talks given at the Coos-Curry Museum in North Bend. Topics include the Rackleff family, the lower Coquille River, Empire and Tichenor Cemeteries, and a history of Allegany, early residents of Northern Curry county. The book is part of a series. The provided information is primarily based on oral histories and first-person experiences. No references given.
Hull, Lise, Coos County. San Francisco: Arcadia Publishing, 2007. Photographs, 124 pages.
Part of Arcadia’s Images of America series, the book is photographs and extended captions related to seven topics: settlement and the early years, mining for gold and coal, logging and the mills, shipping and shipbuilding, farming and fishing, roads bridges and railroads, and the later years.
Nelson, Ines. Haynes Inlet Memories: 1870 to 1940. No publication information. Footnotes, photographs, select bibliography. 40 pages.
A history of the Haynes Inlet community based on oral histories and local government records. Topics include settlement, daily life, and in depth descriptions of family history. 
Nevin, Hattie. Reflections of a Logging Camp Cook.  North Bend: Wegferd Publications, 1980. Photographs. 28 pages.
A personal family history of Nettie Nevin written in the first person beginning with her grandfather’s travels to Oregon though the mid twentieth century. Although not a scholarly work, the book does include descriptions of typical life during the period it addresses.
Qualman, Al. Blood on the Half Shell. Portland: Binford and Mort, 1983. Photographs. 157 pages.
An autobiography of the author and his career in the oyster industry in Coos County. The volume also includes a separate chapter that discusses the oyster industry as a whole based on oral histories and industry lore. The book provides useful information about the day-to-day operations of the oyster industry.
Rickard, Aileen Barker. The Goulds of Elkhorn. Up Town Printing & Design: Cottage Grove, 1982. Illustrations, photographs, appendixes, bibliography. 207 pages.
A history of the Gould Family and its homestead during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Largely based on diaries, this is a personal history, but the book still speaks to general community trends and events.
Southwestern Oregon Community College. History of the Local Area. Vols 1-4. 1978-1979. 
A four volume set of typed manuscripts covering a wide variety of local history topics including settlement, development, community and family history, and specific instances of the late nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. The work is result of a class project, and the quality of work varies greatly from chapter to chapter.
Stone, Boyd. Living in the Past Lane. Coquille: The Coquille Valley Sentinel, 1993. Photographs, illustrations.  61 pages.
A collection of first person stories about specific personal and community events told in the first person. Many provide insights into life in the early to mid-20th century.
Stone, Boyd. The Way it Really Was in Coos & Curry Counties. Coquille: Coquille Valley Sentinel, 1993. Photographs. 71 pages.
A collection of brief stories revolving around historic events, persons, and local towns based on oral histories and local lore, many written in first person. Often good general information is included in stories that are otherwise anecdotal.
Stonecyper, Lee L. Those Fast Changing Times: Coos and Curry Counties. Privately Published, 1981. Photographs. 135 pages.
A personal autobiography of the author’s life in Coos County during the 20th century told in the first person. Some references made to larger community trends and events, but largely based on personal stories and anecdotes.
Wagner, Dick. Louie Simpson’s North Bend. North Bend: North Bend News, 1986. Photographs, illustrations, maps. 60 pages.
A thematic community history of North Bend. Specific topics include important families, events, buildings, and institutions in the community.
Younker, Jason, Mark A. Tveskov, and David G. Lewis, eds., Changing Landscapes. North Bend: Coquille Indian Tribe, 2001. Photographs, maps. 119 pages.
This includes nine articles by scholars and cultural resource managers related to recaptured heritage, living in two worlds, and the past is present along the southern Oregon coast. They were presented in 2000 at the Coquille Cultural Preservation Conference.