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Wallowa County History Books and Publications

The following list of books and publications published during the past 50 years are primarily about Wallowa County and its communities. They are intended to introduce you to the county's history. A listing does not imply that all of the books and publications are factually accurate or endorsed by the Heritage Programs Division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.
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Barklow, Irene Locke. Gateway to the Wallowas. Wallowa: Enchantments Publishing of Oregon, 2003. Photographs, illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. 312 pages.
Publication includes several short histories of various people, events, and places in Wallowa County from the 19th and 20th centuries.  Many of the stories are personal anecdotes, but others have been compiled from primary and secondary sources.  Topics are presented in roughly a chronological format. 
Bartlett, Grace. The Wallowa Country, 1867-1877. N.p., 1976. Photographs, maps, illustrations, appendices. 99 pages.

Publication contains a brief history of the Wallowa County area during the period of early Euro-American settlement and the Nez Perce War.  Information was compiled from primary and secondary sources. 
Bartlett, Grace. From the Wallowas. Enterprise: Pika Press, 1992. Photographs, illustrations, 144 pages. 
A compilation of essays, some dating from as early as the 1930s, are included.  Topics include, “Indians,” “Settlers,” “Places,” and “People and Events” that date from the late nineteenth century through the twentieth century.  Some of the articles reprints from such sources as the Oregon Historical Quarterly
Beddow, F. Lorlene. Carving the North End Wilderness: Flora. N.p., 1985. Maps, photographs, illustrations, index, bibliography. 294 pages.
Contains a general history of the north end of Wallowa County stretching from the late 19th century through the 1950s.  Topics include how towns received their names, buildings, post offices, and industries of the area, early settlement family histories, agricultural, schools, recreation, and community members involved in wars.  Information was collected from primary and secondary sources, and from oral histories. 
Belew, Ellie. About Wallowa County: People, Places, Images. Enterprise: Pika Press, 2000. Photographs, maps, bibliography, index. 214 pages.
Publication is essentially a dictionary of past people, places, and events in Wallowa County, arranged alphabetically.  Topics are varied according to the entry.  Information was compiled from primary and secondary sources.


Holloway, Winona Johnson. Moving On. Live Oak, Calif: Shadow Butte Press, 1989. Photographs, bibliography, map. 207 pages.
History of Wallowa County from 1915 through the 1980s as remembered by the author.  Information includes everyday life, schools, etc.  Information was primarily compiled from the author’s and her family member’s reminiscences. 
Hopkins, Lola. This Valley (Wallowa Valley). Boring: Quality Paperbacks, 1978. Illustrations, bibliography. 174 pages.
General history of Wallowa County from the period of Native American inhabitation through the early twentieth century.  Information is compiled from secondary sources and oral histories.
Karson, Jennifer, ed., Wiyaxayxt – As Days Go By – Wiyaakaaawn -- : Our History, Our Land, and Our People: The Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla. Pendleton: Tamástslikt Cultural Institute and Oregon Historical Society, 2006 . Photographs,  maps, notes, index. 263 pages.
Articles are written from a tribal perspective, they begin with ancient teachings and traditions, moving to the period of first contact with Euro-Americans, the Treaty Council, war and the reservation period, and then to 21st century tribal governance.
Killough, Claudia. Bits of Wallowa County Lore. Enterprise: Wallowa County Chieftain, 1971. 53 pages.
Contains several short articles about various historical topics including the origin of place and town names, Native Americans, and other events and families in Wallowa County.  Much of the information was compiled from oral histories and private journals and letters, and secondary sources. 
Lakes, Julia. Century Farms and Ranches of Wallowa County. Joseph: Wallowa Land Trust, 2011. Photographs, illustrations, map, bibliography, 63 pages.
Contains 15 short articles with contemporary and historic photographs on the history of the farms and ranches, including the families that have operated them.  


Stratton, David H., and Glen W. Lindeman. A Study of Historical Resources of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Pullman, Wash: National Heritage, 1978.

Prepared for the United States Forest Service, this two volume publication contains narration and illustrations.

Wallowa County. Statewide Inventory of Historic Sites and Buildings. Enterprise:
Wallowa County, 1976. Photographs, Iilustrations. 59 pages. 
Collection of survey documents for individual properties in Wallowa County. Entries include address, physical description, and narrative history for each resource. Scan made from poor-quality photocopies. PDF [4.2 MB] 

Wallowa County Museum Board. The History of Wallowa County, Oregon. Wallowa County Museum Board, 1983. Photographs, illustrations. 424 pages. 
Includes a geological, ecological, Native American, and 19th and 20th century history of Wallowa County.  Also included are several family histories, arranged alphabetically.  Information was compiled from primary and secondary sources, while the family histories were written by family members. 


Wright, Mona K. The Early Years of Wallowa County Railroad Logging. References cited, map. Wright, Mona K., 1978. 31 pages.
This publication was prepared as a research paper for Anthropology 405, taught by James Patterson. It contains information about Wallowa County sawmills, lumber companies, company railroads and camps and locomotives. PDF [758 KB]