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L.L. "Stub" Stewart Volunteer Awards

2012-2013 Loran L. "Stub" Stewart Volunteer Award Nominees and Recipients! 

Award Nominees and Recipients

  • Tom Adams, Boston Mill Society
  • Bob Snyder, Friends of Tryon Creek State Park

  • Richard Cassidy, Friends of Historic Champoeg
  • Dennis Bradley, Clyde Holliday MU
  • Ellie Kinney-Martial, Shore Acres State Park
  • William (Bill) Morris, Friends of Kam Wah Chung
  • Phil Hamilton, Friends of Tryon Creek State Park
  • Lou and Sharon Kolkhorst, Friends of Shore Acres, Inc.

Recipients noted in bold typeface

Awards Ceremony - September 21st, 2013 | 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 


 September 21st, 2013
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Mt. Vernon Community Center
Mt. Vernon, OR

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bar service provided by the Elks Lodge


Dinner Service

catered by Silver Spur Restaurant

Sponsor Spotlight

Steve Terrill, Steve Terrill Photography

Visual Journeys Publications



Interpretive Presentation

Jeremy Martin, Interpretive Ranger

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center


2012-2013 Loran L. Stewart Volunteer Awards

awards presented by


John Potter, Assistant Director Operations

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department


Sharon Mogg, Executive Director

Grant County Chamber of Commerce


Nominees and recipients were honored at the an awards banquet, sponsored by the L.L. “Stub” Stewart Award Trust Fund on Saturday, September 21 at the Mt. Vernon Community Center.  This banquet is a very special part of the biennial Cooperative Association Conference. Friends and families joined Award Nominees to share in this special evening. All award nominees were honored with recognition gifts and award finalists received customized commemorative awards for each category.

Program Information

Portrait of L.L. Stub Stewart
L.L. Stub Stewart
In 1991 Stub was honored as an outstanding state park volunteer.  His selfless work on behalf of the parks began when parks was a division of ODOT and continued for over 30 years as the agency became a department and developed a board of commissioners.  
In 1992, Stub endowed a trust fund with the Oregon Community Foundation to help sponsor and support volunteer recognition in OPRD.  The Stewart Awards program was developed by a committee of staff and volunteers who decided on the categories, qualifications and recognition levels. 

What are the L.L. Stub Stewart Awards?

The award program is rightly named in honor of one of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s long‑time volunteers, Mr. Loran L. “Stub” Stewart.  Stub passed away on January 2, 2005 and is greatly missed.  “Stub” as he was affectionately known to agency staff and volunteers for 40 years, is recognized as a timber industry icon and as one of Oregon’s leading philanthropists. 
Stub was chosen as the first recipient of the Cooperating Association Volunteer Award in 1989.  In support of his strong beliefs about the importance of volunteer recognition and involvement, Stub endowed the current award program and established the L.L. “Stub” Stewart Trust Fund.  Through this endowment, we recognize and honor other volunteers and staff for their service to the cooperating association program and to the Department.  Since Stub’s first award, over 60 individuals have received the award named in his honor and now endowed through the Oregon Community Foundation.

Nomination Categories

There are four nomination categories and an individual can be nominated in more than  one category. Although true success is often achieved in the collective contributions of the many, there are those that rise to the exceptional; in character, in word, and in deed.  It is in that spirit in which these award categories have been created.  The categories have been designed to capture the diversity in which individuals serve and contribute to the success of our mutual goals and partnerships. 

Beginning in 2013, some award categories have been revised and some newly added.  The Leadership category, formerly to recognize the contributions of State Park staff has been revised to provide nominators with the ability to nominate those volunteers who chose to step into leadership positions and contribute to our mutual success from the front of the Association.  The OPRD employee category has been renamed to the Partnership Award and reflects the contributions of an OPRD employee to the success of the partnership.

  • RISING STAR:  Nominees have provided exceptional volunteer service over a short period of time (no longer than 3 years).  These nominees show great promise as a 'star of tomorrow.’  Their recent service has benefited the activities of the Co-op and increased the group’s capacity to provide interpretive programs or events.  

  • LIFE SERVICE Nominees have provided exceptional volunteer service for at least eight years.  Over this extended period of service, Nominees have made a significant impact on the overall program and/or development of the Cooperating Association or have helped to increase the capacity to support interpretive programs at the park location.    

  • INSPIRATION: Nominee provides volunteer service to the Association which has inspired others to join in, to give a greater effort or to become actively involved in the activities of the association.  Nominees in this category may not be in leadership positions, but have really helped bring in new members, are volunteers who are always to be counted on for helping with events or projects. Who demonstrate to others what it is to be a sterling volunteer.

  • LEADERSHIP: This award category represents those individuals who have stepped up to serve in leadership positions within their respective organizations.  Leadership skills of the individual have made a significant impact on other volunteers/members, helped the group grow, stay on track, stay well organized, expanded the organization’s ability to deliver on its mission, or through effective leadership, has helped navigate the partnership through challenges and difficult times. 

  • PARTNERSHIP: This award is for an OPRD employee, who endorses, supports, and works “cooperatively” on the mutual goals of the Cooperative Association and the park.  This nominee demonstrates commitment to helping further the Association’s impact on interpretive/educational programs and helps to provide clear vision and direction to the group. Nominee may be anyone in the department who has been a major supporter of your Association and sustaining a vital, collaborative partnership.

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