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Walking down to the Beach
Public involvement plays a central and recurring role throughout the Oregon Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) planning process.

OPRD staff conducted a series of regional recreational issues workshops across the state in 2001, and made the issues raised available for comment on this website in early 2002. The results of those meetings and the follow-up comment period are covered in a series of statewide and regional issues summaries.

List of top regional land and water conservation fund issues

This is the final version of the top LWCF Issues for each of the 11 SCORP planning regions. Issues are arranged according to the number of votes each issue received during the public recreation provider workshops.

[ PDF ]

Final list of top statewide issues and accompanying goals, objectives and strategies

This is the final version of the top statewide issues determined by the SCORP Advisory Committee. A set of goals, objectives and strategies were developed for each statewide issue during the 4/2/02 SCORP Advisory Committee meeting.

[ PDF ]

List of all remaining other funding issue and general issue comments

This is the complete list of comments gathered during the public recreation provider and general public workshops and additional comments gathered through the SCORP planning website (102 comments were received through the website). Comments are presented as they were received-with no further refining, summarizing or prioritizing.

[ PDF ]

Statewide issues category summary

[ PDF ]

OPRD staff further refined issues included in List #3. Topical issues are arranged by category type (Other Funding Issues or General Issues), and number of comments collected for each topical issue.

Finally, these lists will be passed on to the SCORP Advisory Committee. The Committee is responsible for identifying significant statewide outdoor recreation issues and solutions.

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