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Public involvement plays a central and recurring role throughout the Oregon Statewide Trails Planning process.

OPRD staff conducted a series of regional trails issues workshops across the state during the spring of 2003, and made the issues raised available for public comment on this website in the summer of 2003. The results of those workshops, and the follow-up comment period are covered in a series of statewide and regional issue summaries.

Top issues
The final version of the top statewide and regional motorized, non-motorized, and water trails issues, as determined by the corresponding trails planning steering committees.
  • Identification of Regional and Statewide Motorized Trails Issues    [ PDF 91 KB ]
  • Identification of Regional and Statewide Non-motorized Trails Issues   [ PDF 91 KB ]
  • Identification of Regional and Statewide Water Trails Issues    [ PDF 89 KB ]

Comments gathered during issue scoping
A complete list of all motorized, non-motorized and water trails comments gathered during the public recreation provider and general public workshops and an additional 57 comments gathered through the trails planning website.

North Central Region
Bend Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime)4/3/03     [Text 287k] or [Acrobat 30k]
Bend General Public Session (Evening) 4/3/03     [Text 304k] or [Acrobat 21k]

Northeast Region
LaGrande Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 4/1/03     [Text 291k] or [Acrobat 35k]
LaGrande General Public Session (Evening) 4/1/03     [Text 281k] or [Acrobat 24k]

Northwest Region
Eugene Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 5/22/03     [Text 299k] or [Acrobat 37k]
Eugene General Public Session (Evening) 5/22/03     [Text 281k] or [Acrobat 22k]

Lincoln City Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 5/20/03     [Text 291k] or [Acrobat 28k]
Lincoln City Public Recreation Provider Session (Evening) 5/20/03     [Text 287k] or [Acrobat 22k]

Portland Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 5/21/03     [Text 293k] or [Acrobat 30k]
Portland General Public Session (Evening) 5/21/03     [Text 291k] or [Acrobat 25k]

South Central Region
Klamath Falls Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 4/15/03     [Text 288k] or [Acrobat 32k]
Klamath Falls General Public Session (Evening) 4/15/03     [Text 280k] or [Acrobat 16k]

Southeast Region
Burns Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 4/2/03     [Text 285k] or [Acrobat 28k]
Burns General Public Session (Evening) 4/2/03     [Text 280k] or [Acrobat 21k]

Southwest Region
Bandon Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 4/17/03     [Text 290k] or [Acrobat 34k]
Bandon General Public Session (Evening) 4/17/03     [Text 283k] or [Acrobat 25k]

Grants Pass Public Recreation Provider Session (Daytime) 4/16/03     [Text 290k] or [Acrobat 34k]
Grants Pass General Public Session (Evening) 4/16/03     [Text 283k] or [Acrobat 25k]

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