Mailing List Downloads

OSBEELS provides Licensee Mailing Lists for a fee. These files are compressed and password-protected. Please contact Addy Floyd for more information at 503.934.2005, or send email to
This is a listing of active PEs, EIs, PLSs, LSIs, and CWREs. The list includes addresses, when a registration(s)/certification(s) was issued, discipline (see KEY below), expiration date. It does not include telephone numbers, email addresses or results of an examination.
AC Acoustical Engineering
AE Aeronautical Engineer
AG Agricultural Engineering
CE Civil Engineering
CH Chemical Engineering
CS Control Systems Engineering
EE Electrical Engineering
EN Environmental Engineering
FP Fire Protection Engineering
FR Forest Engineering
EIT Fundamentals of Engineering
FLS Fundamentals of Land Surveying
IE Industrial Engineering
MF Manufacturing Engineering
ME Mechanical Engineering
MT Metallurgical Engineering
MI Mining Engineering
NA Naval Arch/Marine Engineering
NU Nuclear Engineering
PT Petroleum Engineer
PTE Professional Traffic Engineer
PE Professional Engineer
LS Professional Land Surveying
ST Structural Engineering
TR Traffic Engineering
WRE Water Rights Examiner
GE Geotechnical Engineering
RPP Registered Professional Photogrammetrist