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Date, Location, and Attendees
707 13th Street SE, Conference Room A, Salem, Oregon 97301
Members Present: Audrey Eldridge, Charles Hester, Dorian Kuper, Bill Orr
Members Excused: Don Hull, Mike Long
Staff: (to arrive late due to funeral) Susanna Knight
No Guests Present

I. Approval of Agenda
Kuper called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM. The following changes were made to the agenda: move items V.A.1. Case 10-96-004 to IV.A. Reports; under V.A.1. Stephen Joseph case.

II. Announcements
Kuper stated for the record that the Board is most appreciative of the work Knight has done to get the Board up and running at its new location.
A. New Board Members: Kuper introduced the two new Board members and asked them to share a few statements about themselves.
1. William (Bill) Orr, RPG, PhD, informed that Board that he came to Oregon in 1967 as an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon and thirty years later he retired as a full professor. His expertise is paleontology geology. He has been an RPG since 1978. He and his wife Elizabeth have authored a number of standard texts in the geology field. He is please to serve on the Board.
2. Charles (Chuck) Hester, CPA, Public Member, informed the Board that he came to Oregon from California in October of 1996. He is a consultant and trainer all over the world. He will attempt to make it to all board meetings and considers it an honor to serve on the Board.
B. Set meeting dates for 1999: Kuper indicated that Friday has worked best for the majority of Board members. Following a discussion period, the second Friday quarterly would work for all. The following tentative dates were set: march 12 (Salem), June 11 (Bend?), September 10, and December 10 (Portland?). Kuper indicated that she would be at a landslide conference in England in September, but neither the week before or after the 10th would work. Knight to confirm the dates with Hull and Long.
C. AC99043 New Board Member Orientation Kuper stated that this is her first exposure to this opportunity. She would encourage all to attend, even present Board members who were never informed previously. Hester will attend in Portland on March 8. Board Members should let Knight know which date they plan to attend; Board members are on their own to register.
D. Budget: Kuper stated that we must have budget information presented at the March Board Meeting. Knight to prepare preliminary figures.

III. Approval of Minutes of December Meeting
Approval of Minutes of December Meeting Knight to distribute Board Minutes prior to the meeting so corrections and additions can be noted and brought to the next meeting. Eldridge moved to accept minutes. Seconded and passed.

IV. Reports
A. Office Reports
1. Executive Session Report Eldridge moved to close Case 10-96-004 by sending notice of registration. Seconded and passed.
2. AR990001: Summary of Staff Activities since 1/4/99 Knight was unable to find time to provide such a written report. It is Knight’s intention to provide a staff report at each Board meeting. Kuper stated that Knight has been pullling together the various aspects of the office: renewals, pocket cards, applications. Kuper is aware of all that Knight has been doing. Knight did report that direct payment of renewal fees to First Security has been established. Renewals for February are out. Almost 100 pocket cards were issued for licenses renewing prior to the move. Office furniture was purchased from Inside Oregon. Kuper requested a copy of the invoice for separating the Geology database from the Engineering database. Kuper requested that Long/Knight review the computer purchase and programmer.
3. AC99002 Status of request for fax machine from OSBEELS Kuper will phone OSBEELS to request fax machine and will follow up to get the machine. Who will pay for the phone line in the suite?
4. AC99016 Follow-up on the Merina-McCoy & Company Audit of OSBGE Board Members reviewed the audit at the work session and the letter of response written by Graham, former administrator. The Board must prepare a corrective action plan. Hester to contact Graham at OSBEELS and inquire if there was a management advisement letter that went along with the report and offer his assistance in any way. Such letters are not part of the official report but are generally provided by the audit company. Graham should be preparing a corrective action plan unless one is not required. Eldridge inquired about requesting an internal exit audit. Discussion was held. $5558 was the charge for the Merina-McCoy audit. Hester stated that we must include a line item in the budget for the audit cast at the end of the biennium. Knight to provide copy of SB546 to each Board member (semi-independent document). [Knight arrived at 2:00 PM for Board meeting.]
5. AC99017 Letter to Legislative Assembly and Governor Knight reported that a letter was issued to request an extension of the deadline for reporting as required by the semi-independent bill.
6. AC99021 Graham Memo to Kuper Kuper reported that she had no prior knowledge of this memo. Knight to get remainder of information to Graham.
B. Committee Reports
1. CEG Exam March 19: Kuper will work with Long to determine who will proctor. Long will handle exam preparation. Eldridge/Orr will proctor the ASBOG National Examination on March 19. Exam locations will be announced later. Long or Kuper to review CEG applicants.
2. Oregon Specific Exam: Orr accepted responsibility to continue with the development of this examination. Eldridge moved that reciprocity applicants must pass the Oregon specific examination and that the exam be made available on an as needed basis. Seconded and passed. [ORS 672.575] Note: test can be sent to other Board offices for proctoring.
3. Outreach Committee Kuper stated that much work is being done throughout our state without Geology input. Regulations change from county to city throughout the state. The Board is attempting to be more visible in the state. The Board should become proactive when city and county governments are rewriting their comprehensive plans. Local geologists have been assisting in alerting the Board to such hearings. The Board is subscribing to DLCD, which alerts the Board to what is happening in counties and cities. Kuper scans the publication and if appropriate and timely, the Board/Board Member sends a letter to give input to local officials. The Board would like more input in this process. If registrants see questionable reports, the Board would like to hear and become involved. Hull has been working with this process. It is a very informal process.
4. Newsletter Eldridge requested a draft of a newsletter for the next Board Meeting. Eldridge requested that a statement about the need for new Board members and application information be included in the newsletter. Kuper asked that a postcard be sent out in the next few weeks with new Board location information.
5.Web Site Knight reported that Sherman at OSBEELS was working the Geology Web site when they met on January 20. Nothing had been active with the Web site links prior to that date. Knight informed Sherman that OSBGE would not be using that site any longer.
6. Legislative Issues Due to the absence of Hull, no information was presented.

V. Items for Board Action
A. Compliance Issues
1. Board vs Steven Joseph Knight to draft a letter of concern, unless a previously written letter can be located, stating that geologist cannot do public practice in Oregon without complying with statute; request clarification of work done at C&D Lumber without Oregon registration. Point out ORS and OAR position. Joseph cannot stamp documents for Oregon agencies without being licensed with us.
2. Merrill vs Roger Smith Knight to search out 3/19/98 original complaint filed with the Board; counsel with Eldridge and determine status of this case.
3. 99-01-001 and 99-01-002 Two possible complaints. Hester to review these and process according to rule. Eldridge requested clarification from the AG’s office regarding processing of complaints.
B. WRE Geology Board will ask OSBEELS to continue to handle the licensing process. OSBGE will provide Verification of Geology Registrationto OSBEELS and issue current WRE license at renewal time. Knight to issue letter to OSBEELS stating the Board’s position and requesting OSBEELS to continue to administer this exam on behalf of the Geology Board.
C. Reciprocity Applications Eldridge recommended that we review the reciprocity policy. California will not accept our exam at this time. California will begin using the ASBOG exam in 2000.
1. Brinkman, Ron Hester moved to deny registration based on Brinkman’s license in Wyoming, as he was grandfathered for that license. Seconded and passed. Knight to send application packet by examination and refund $20.00 fee.
2. Gilber, Pam Eldridge will do research and get back to Knight in the next week; still under review.

VI. Correspondence
A. AC99031 Letter from M. Golberg inquiring about loss of RPG pocket card now that he is a CEG. Knight to notify Golberg tht the Board will work toward implementing a two-card printout when considering form design with the new database. Each card would have the initital date for that license. It would not be available for Golberg until his next renewal.
B. AC99035 Letter to Building Codes from a Professional Engineer to request Code Change Kuper summarized the document for the three board members present. Kuper recommended that she and Long complete a response statement to the Building Codes Division. Kuper to complete response and forward to Knight.
C. AC99037 Request from ASBOG to name Council of Examinersrepresentative Orr to serve as Oregon’s representative. Knight to notify ASBOG of this appointment.

VII. Public Comment
Announcement by Dr. Bill Orr that a new book has just been authored by Elizabeth and William Orr: Oregon Fossils. This book is the history of paleontology in the state as well as geology of this state. It is currently available at the DOGAMI Gift Shop and some state university bookstores.
Meeting officially ended at 3:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna R. Knight
Administrative Assistant to the Board