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Special Board Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2000

I. The meeting
The meeting was called to order by Chair Eldridge at 9:14 AM. All Members present (Beaulieu and Kuper via Telephone). Guests Present: Assistant AG Christine Chute and Allan Merrill.

II. Kuper
Kuper requested the addition of a Retreat Discussion for item IV. Hester moved approval of agenda as adjusted. Seconded and passed.

III. Compliance Issues
  1. CC 98-03, Stipulated Final Order: Hester read through the issues of the Stipulated Final Order. He indicated that the Compliance Committee will monitor the follow-up of the issues. Orr moved to approve signature of the document by Eldridge on behalf of the Board. Seconded and passed.
  2. Other Compliance Issues  
    1. CC 99-01-001: Hester reported that an unlicensed individual has been practicing geology. He reviewed the prepared Agreement between the Board and the individual. Following extensive discussion, Kuper moved to go forward with the agreement. Seconded and passed.
    2. CC 99-06-008: Hester reported that a non-registrant had represented himself as a geologist. An Agreement has been prepared between the Board and the individual. Kuper moved to send out the agreement. Seconded and passed.
    3. CC-99-03-005, Notice of Intent: Hester summarized the information in the Notice of Intent. Eldridge declared a conflict of interest in the case and abstained from any discussion. Following extensive discussion, Michael moved to proceed with issuing the Notice of Intent. Eldridge abstained from voting. Seconded and passed.
    4. CC 99-03-007: Hester reported that the final payment had been received on the Civil Penalty in this case. He recommended closing the case. Kuper moved to close the case. Seconded and passed.

IV. Retreat
Kuper requested clarification about the retreat agenda. The retreat will be held April 1 and 2, 2000, at Silver Creek Conference Center. The Board Meeting will be included in the Sunday portion of the retreat. A very rough draft agenda was reviewed. All Board members will be serving as a facilitator for a portion of the retreat. As the agenda is not yet finalized, additional information will be forwarded to all Board Members.

V. Beaulieu moved to adjourn.
Seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM. [Knight requested that any March Newsletter Articles be submitted within the next 7 days.]

Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight