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Date, Location and Attendees
March 12, 1999
Members present:
Audrey Eldridge, RPG
Charles Hester, CPA, Public Member
Michael Long, CEG
William Orr, RPG
Members Excused:
Dorian Kuper, CEG, Board Chair
Don Hull, RPG, State Geologist
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight, Administrative Assistant to the Board
No Guests Present

The meeting was called to order by Mike Long at 1:12 PM. Items forwarded from the 9:00AM work session to be included in the agenda under V. Items for Board Action: 1) Computer purchase; 2) Independent Status Report; 3) Draft Budget and 4) Performance Review. Items under V. Board Action to be reviewed at 1:45 PM due to the departure of Hester at 2:00 PM.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES of January 29, 1999, Meeting.
Long stated that both absences (Hull and Long) from the January meeting were excused and should be so noted in the minutes. Hester moved to accept minutes as corrected. Seconded and passed.

The June 10, 1999, Board meeting will be held at The Association Center in Salem. The September 10 Board Meeting will be held in Bend, pending confirmation with Kuper and Hull (Note: Neither Kuper or Hull available on that date.) Knight to make arrangements at The Riverhouse as a first choice. December meeting date to be discussed at a future meeting, tentatively set for the 10th, Portland, DOGAMI Office.

1. AR99002. Knight submitted a report which updates a myriad of activities in the Board office. Knight requested feedback as to the Board’s interest in such a report. Hester requested a copy in the pre-meeting packet in case action is needed during the meeting. Members present agreed that it is worthwhile information and would look forward to such reports in the future.
2. ASBOG Executive Committee Meeting, Portland, August 12-15. Knight inquired as to interest by our Board in hosting this group informally at some point during their Portland visit. The Board requested Knight to contact Sam/ASBOG and inquire of the agenda for the meeting. Would the Executive Committee be interested in an activity hosted by our Board Orr suggested 1) slide talk; 2) local geology field trip; 3) field trip to Mt. St. Helens. Report back to the June 11 meeting.
1. CEG Issues
a. CEG Exam: Long reported that four candidates will be sitting for the exam March 19. Long will prepare and proctor the exam. Hester and Knight will assist as proctors. The ASBOG exam will be held at Chemeketa Community College with Orr and Eldridge serving as proctors.
b. AC99035 Kuper and Long completed a response to Building Codes. It was submitted February 25. Knight to provide a copy to all Board members.
2. Oregon Specific Exam: Orr has recommended a new format which he presented to the Board. Long recommended that Orr have the psychometricians for ASBOG take a look at this exam. Orr will report back after the Council of Examiners' meeting in Salt Lake City in April.
3. Outreach Committee No report. Kuper not present.
4. Newsletter: Knight indicated that she was unable to find time to complete this since the last Board Meeting. The newsletter will go out before the six month forwarding time expires with USPO. Public Hearing dates for rules changes will also be included in the newsletter, so meeting the Hearing Notification requirement will dictate when the newsletter will be issued.
5. Website: Knight reported that she made contact with other Boards regarding setup of such a site and preliminary cost to include in the budget.
6. Legislative Issues: Hull not present to report. Knight distributed a copy of HB3463 for the Board’s review. This bill adjusts the Performance Audit requirement of semi-independent boards. The performance audit would be a self-report completed by each semi-independent board. The Secretary of State, Audits Division would handle the financial audit only, not the performance audit. Preliminary projections were a performance audit would cost anywhere from $55,000 to $105,000.
C. NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION (AC99043) Hester attended the March 8 orientation in Portland. He reported that it was very worthwhile. He recommended all board members should attend.

1. Computer Purchase: Eldridge moved to purchase a computer and hardware at a cost up to $3000. Seconded and passed.
2. Independent Status Report: Long pointed out that as discussed in the work session, this is a critical document that must be completed. Hester and Knight are to see that the remaining information is gathered and that a report is filed as outlined in the statute.
3. Draft Budget: Hester moved to accept the draft budget with adjustments as noted in the work session. Seconded and passed. Long stated that the adjustments must be in the hands of all Board members within two weeks and that within three weeks, a Conference Call Board Meeting must be held to adopt the final budget. A Hearing date can be then be set for the June 10, 1999, Board Meeting date, for registrant input on the proposed budget.
4. Performance Review: Long indicated that per Knight’s report, review guidelines must be established. No further action was taken.
1. Case 99-01-001 Board agreed that a technical review is needed to continue. Case referred to Kuper to determine next action.
2. Case 99-010002 Board agreed that a technical review is needed to continue. Case referred to Kuper to determine next action
3. Case 99-01-003 Hester indicated that this was a complaint against the Board. Therefore, it must be referred to the AG’s office to determine how to proceed. Knight to contact AG’s office.
4. Case 99-01-004 Hester stated that more information is needed from both the complainant and the respondent. Knight to complete follow-up correspondence before any further action can be completed.
5. Case 99-03-005 Hester reported that he had just received this case and would work with Knight to determine next step.
C. POLICY STATEMENT ON RECIPROCITY: Long stated that reciprocity agreements are based on the ASBOG exam. Eldridge stated that the current reciprocity statement being issued with application packets is no longer acceptable. Due to no agreementwith California at this time, applicants must apply and pass the ASBOG. A reciprocity statement was prepared in September of 1997.
D. RECIPROCITY APPLICATIONS: Eldridge explained that since no agreement is in place with California at this time, neither Gibler or Warner are eligible to license in Oregon based on their California license. Knight to inform both applicants of the current Board policy.

A. AC00063: California Brochure Knight to thank Mr. Rosenburg for sending the California pamphlets which are very informative. Long suggested passing this info on to Kuper for the Outreach Committee.
B. AC99094: Challenging decision to deny eligibility to the Board Exam Orr to review letter and follow-up with Knight.
C. AC99086: Distressed by denial to exam Orr to review issue and follow-up with Knight.
D. AC99070: Knight to respond. Long suggested pulling definition from ORS for geologist and engineering geologist; give him ASBOG Web Page which has good information; for soil scientist information, contact Department of Agriculture; refer to OSBEELS for engineering questions including the Geotechnical Engineer question; refer to Sanitarian Board for additional information.

No public comment. Meeting adjourned at 2:58 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna R. Knight
Administrative Assistant to the Board