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Date, Location and Attendees
Tuesday, March 13th, 2000
The Association Center, Salem, Oregon
Conference Room A
Members Present:
Charles Hester
David Michael
William Orr
Gary Peterson
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight
Guest Present:
Jonathan Sprecher
Members Absent:
Audrey Eldridge
John Beaulieu
Chair William Orr called the meeting to order at 1:08 PM.

Three additional agenda items were added under VII. Items for Board Action (C) Other: (1) SB766; (2) SB 447; (3) MOU.

Peterson moved to approve the December 7th Minutes as presented. Seconded and passed.

A. Board Meeting June 5th, 2001: Michael moved to hold the June meeting in Salem; seconded and passed.
B. Confirm Additional Board Meeting Dates for 2001: September 18, December 18: The September meeting will be held in the southern part of the state, probably Medford. The December meeting will be held in Portland at DOGAMI.

A. Office Report
1. AR2001-01: Summary of Staff Activities since 12/7/2000: Knight distributed the summary of activities since the last Board Meeting. She noted that the March newsletter was distributed in mid-February with notification of the Rule Hearing.
2. Budget Status for 1999-2001: Knight distributed the biennium to date budget figures. With one quarter remaining in this biennium, the Board has less income than budgeted due to non-renewals. However, expenses have been below budget and the Board anticipates a carry over to the next biennium. No fee increase is anticipated.

B. Committee Reports
  1. CEG: Michael reported that the CEG Specialty Exam Committee would be meeting after the Board meeting today to begin revision and update of the CEG exam.
  2. OR Specific Exam: Orr reported that 16 candidates would be sitting for the Oregon Geology exam on Friday, one recorded for audible. This is the largest group to date.
  3. Outreach Committee: Orr reported that newsletters are being sent to cities and counties.
  4. Rules & Regulations Committee: Eldridge absent; no report.
  5. Professional Practice Committee: Michael reported that no progress has been made. He indicated that the Board might need to clarify hydro/CEG issue in rule or policy.
  6. Compliance Committee: Hester distributed the biennium to date update. He summarized the issues needing action.
  7. Legislative Issues: In Beaulieu’s absence, Knight reported on the status of the three bills prepared by the Board: (a) HB2106; (b) HB2107; and (c) HB2197.  
    1. HB2106 changes the Board authority with regards to complaints; this Bill has passed the House side of the floor and was sent to the Senate side on 2/8/2001. It was assigned to the Health & Human Services Committee. Knight and Hester have an appointment to visit with the Chair Senator Fischer regarding this bill.
    2. HB2107 would give lien rights to geologists. This bill has not been scheduled for hearing.
    3. HB2197 conforms the statute language regarding registered geologist. A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20th.

AC 01-02-068: Letter from Gunnar Schlieder, RG, CEG: Following extensive discussion of the Board’s AAG’s letter regarding practice issues, and in light of the ongoing discussions of practice issues with the Engineering Board, Michael moved to waive the attorney/client privilege on the AAG Letter of January 16, 2001, and release it to the Engineering Board advising them that it would also be released to one of our constituents in two weeks, and upon request, to other of our registrants. Seconded and passed unanimously.

VI. Old Business
A. Long Range Planning [Strategic Planning]
1. Statute changes: Hester suggested that the entire statute for geologist be reviewed for possible changes.
2. Timeline preparation: Hester suggested that a timeline of meeting dates, budget preparation dates, and legislative due dates for the next biennium be prepared. The Board can then insert long range items to meet the timeline. Included in this timeline will be any statute changes for the next biennium.

B. Practice Discussions with OSBEELS
Peterson reported that discussions have been held with a representative of the Engineering Board and facilitated by John Beaulieu. This group has recommended that an MOU (Memo of Understanding) be developed for approval by both Boards. This will be addressed as an action item latter in the meeting. Knight is instructed to make follow-up contact with the four states with MOU’s.

A. Compliance Matters
  1. CC #99-01-001: Hester moved to approve the revised Consent Order between the Board and the respondent and, upon signing by both parties, close the case. Seconded and passed.
  2. CC # 99-12-012: Hester moved to close the case upon issuing a Letter of Concern to the respondent. Seconded and passed.
  3. CC #00-04-003: Hester moved to close the case upon issuing three Letters of Concern: one to the city, one to the individual practicing without a license and one letter to the consulting company. Seconded and passed
  4. CC #00-10-012: Hester moved to close the case with a letter indicating Insufficient Information; seconded and passed.
  5. CC #00-12-014: Hester moved to close based on Lack of Sufficient Evidence and to cc to each person complainant cc’d. Seconded and passed.

B. Administrative Rules
  1. Hester moved to approve the budget of $251,885.85 for 2001-2003 Biennium. Seconded and passed.
  2. Michael moved to approve fee change for fundamental exam from $150.00 to $125.00. Seconded and passed.

C. Other
  1. 1.  Michael moved to support SB 766 with changes made, with great discussion, and with the amendment. Seconded and passed. [The changes include the insertion of the words "public practice of geology" in the summary of the bill as well as in 672.525 (3) line 21 following the word geologist.  
  2. 2. Hester moved to give the sub-committee of OSBGE/OSBEELS (Beaulieu, Peterson and Albright) approval to draft an MOU to present to both OSBGE and OSBEELS at their next meetings. Seconded and passed.  
  3. 3. Michael moved to submit a letter of support for SB447 with changes. Seconded and passed.

Jonathan Sprecher stated that he currently serves on the Rules and Regulations Committee of the Board. He stated that it is a diverse committee and that they are ready to help with any rule or statute change.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Susanna Knight