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Date and Attendees
Friday, June 11, 1999, following the 1:00 PM Administrative Rules Hearing
Work Session: 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM June 10, 1999
Members present:
Audrey Eldridge, RPG
Charles Hester, CPA, Public Member
Don Hull, RPG, State Geologist
Dorian Kuper, CEG, Board Chair
Michael Long, CEG
William Orr, RPG
Staff Excused:
Susanna Knight, Administrative Assistant to the Board
No Guests Present

The meeting was called to order by Chair Kuper at 1:15 PM. Additional agenda item VIII: Creation of Committees.

March 12, 1999, Meeting; and April 9, 1999, Special Meeting.
No corrections or additions to minutes. Orr moved to accept minutes as presented. Seconded and passed.

A BIG thank you, a special certificate, and a beautifully mounted rock were presented by Kuper to Don Hull on behalf of the Board with appreciation for his years of service and contribution to the Board. He is retiring as the State Geologist effective at the close of the legislative session. He has served as an ex-officio member of the Board since its inception.
  1. The next meeting date will be a teleconference meeting at the Board office, 8:30 AM on July 14. The next regular meeting will be October 8 in Salem at The Association Center. The December meeting date has been tentatively set for the 10th in Portland at the DOGAMI Office pending confirmation with Jon Beaulieu, State Geologist effective August 1.
  2. The ballot for two Board positions will be issued with the September newsletter. Ballots will be due back by September 20. Top three names will be forwarded to the Governor’s office by October 1. [NOTE: SB1127 removes the election process from the appointment schedule. SB1127 is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature, and becomes effective 60 days thereafter.]

    1. AR99003. Knight submitted a report that updates activities in the Board office. Copy of report attached as Addendum 1.
    2. ASBOG Executive Committee Meeting, Orr met with the Executive Committee while in Salt Lake City and extended the invitation from our Board to provide a field trip experience for them during their meeting in Portland August 12-15. A Mt. St. Helen’s trip is planned. The Board is still waiting for confirmation of which day.
    1. CEG: Long to prepare September CEG examination.
    2. Oregon Specific Exam: Orr reviewed the exam with the psycometricians while at Salt Lake City. The exam will be given for the first time on the September 17, 1999, examination date from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. It will be a 2-hour exam in essay format.
    3. Outreach Committee Kuper stated that she receives the DLCD Newsletter to review on behalf of the Board. It indicates when cities and counties are dealing with issues effecting geologists.
    4. Newsletter: The June newsletter is out [Board Members had not yet received their copies]. Recommendation those Geology Departments at colleges and universities be on the newsletter mailing list. Orr also suggested that annual reminders go to Geology Departments to inform them of the registration process.
    5. Website: Knight will have email in place within next few weeks. The server is the Salem Public Library. As part of their free email service, they require that a web site be in place within one year.
    6. Legislative Issues: Hull reported that both SB12 (dealing with rapidly moving landslides) and SB13 (hazard disclosure requirement for sale of real property) are interesting. He also stated that HB2525 will impact our Board, as it establishes a Hearing Panel to deal with Compliance Issues.
  1. NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION (AC99043) Hester stated that these orientations are one day in length; are an opportunity to meet other board members; and are worthwhile. No other Board members have attended.

    1. Case 99-01-001 Hester recommended issuing a letter to appear before the Compliance Committee to answer questions.
    2. Case 99-01-002 Hester reported that a PE is practicing as an RPG. Recommended issuing a letter to the PE to appear before the Compliance Committee to answer questions.
    3. Case 99-01-003 Hester indicated that this was a complaint against the Board. The Board is waiting for a response from the AG’s office.
    4. Case 99-01-004 Hester stated that the Board requested additional information from the complainant but none was submitted. Eldridge moved to close with no further action. Seconded and passed.
    5. Case 99-03-005 Hester reported that an RPG is practicing outside of his expertise. Invite Respondent to appear before Compliance Committee to answer questions.
    6. Case 99-03-006 CEG practicing outside scope of practice. Request individual to appear before the Compliance Committee to answer questions.
    7. Case 99-03-007 Registrant practicing on lapsed (inactive) license. Hester moved to discipline for practicing on a lapsed license. Seconded and passed. Cowan will call respondent to work out particulars.
    1. Binder, Jeffrey: Knight to determine if hours on transcript are semester; if they are, then license him. Passed ASBOG examination in Arizona. [Note: Yes to semester hours.]
    2. Trent, G. Claire: File complete; passed ASBOG exam in Virginia; meets all Oregon requirements. Motion to license; seconded and passed.
    3. Paul, Roger A: no information; defer to next meeting.
  1. Administrative Rules: In the absence of Knight, the Board was unclear and moved this agenda item to the next meeting.

VI. Correspondence
  1. AC99180 from Kleinfelder requesting requirements for evaluation of geological projects specifying projects requiring review by an RPG or CEG. This issue referred to the PPR Committee, however if something is to be built onsite is proposed, a CEG must be doing the work.  
  2. AC99203 from Paul Sweeney, Executive Director, California Board requesting a reciprocity agreement with Oregon. Following extensive discussion, Long moved to accept the agreement of comity based on the ASBOG examination and to solicit dialogue to develop a comity agreement for the Certified Engineering Geologist examination also. Seconded and passed.  
  3. AC99239 from Scott Billings requesting an extension of his GIT per OAR 809-015-0015. Long moved to extend Billings’ GIT for one additional year. Seconded and passed.

No public comment.

The following committees will become active to assist in the business of the Board. Members will be submitted from among current registrants.
  1. Professional Practice Committee [PPR], Chairperson Michael Long: This committee’s responsibility includes serving as a liaison with other boards.  
  2. Rules and Regulations [R&R], Chairperson Audrey Eldridge  
  3. Compliance Committee [CC], Chairperson Charles Hester: This committee will develop A SOP Manual (Standard Operating Procedure).
In parting, Chairperson Kuper extended thanks to Don Hull for allhis contributions over the years, and particularly in the last two years.
Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna R. Knight
Administrative Assistant to the Board