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Date, Location and Attendees
Wednesday, July 14, 1999, 8:30 AM
The Association Center, 707 13th Street SE, Suite 275
Salem, Oregon 97301
Members Present
Chuck Hester, Public Member
Don Hull, State Geologist
Dorian Kuper, President [ via telephone]
Mike Long
Bill Orr
Staff Present
Susanna Knight
Tom Cowan, Assistant Attorney General
Member Excused:
Audrey Eldridge

I. The meeting was called to order
At 8:35 am by President Dorian Kuper.

Hull requested the addition of E. Legislative Updates.

  1. Compliance Issue: CC# 98-03
Compliance Committee Chairperson Hester summarized the issues of this case as follows:
  1. registrant gave public testimony on a lapsed license September 26, 1997;
  2. registrant presented himself as a geological engineer during public testimony inferring that he is a Professional Engineer (he is an EIT); and
  3. registrant was negligent in the practice of his profession.
Following extensive discussion, Long moved to suspend Registration Number E838 and to issue civil penalties for the following: 1) practicing on a lapsed license; 2) misrepresenting professional credentials in a public hearing (civil penalty and refer to OSBEELS); and 3) reckless and gross negligence and incompetence (civil penalty, RPG and CEG suspended indefinitely) and immediately issue a Notice of Intent to Discipline. Seconded and passed unanimously.
  1. Administrative Rule Rewrites: The definition of "negligence" will be included in the Administrative Rule changes to be submitted by August 15 to Secretary of State. Public Hearing will be held on October 8, 1999. No rewrite of 809-030-0015 and 809-030-0025 will be done at this time. This language reflects statute and we must work through a statute change.  
  2. Reciprocity
    1. Policy, including Idaho: The Board confirmed their discussion held during the March Board Meeting in which they stated that any applicant must have successfully passed the ASBOG examination to license in Oregon. Idaho registrants must pass the ASBOG test to license.
    2. Binder, Jeffrey transcript hours are semester. Knight issued his license number. The Board approved forwarding his license information. No Oregon Specific Examination is required of Hill or Trent, as their applications were completed before the requirement.
  3. ASBOG Field Trip Expenses: Kuper reported that the Executive Committee of ASBOG will be arriving in Portland August 11th and will meet through August 14th. Our Board will host a Field Trip to Mt. St. Helen on Friday, August 13th. Scott Burns of Portland State University will lead the field trip. Hester moved to approve costs of vehicle, box lunches, and incidental expenses for the field trip. Hull seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Long pointed out that this is a public relation’s and educational opportunity for all Board members. Kuper will attend; Hester will not attend; Orr, Long, and Eldridge to inform staff of participation. Don Hull’s last day with DOGAMI is July 30th and he will be unavailable to attend. An invitation will be extended to John Beaulieu, newly appointed State Geologist.  
  4. Legislative Report: Hull
    1. HB2525 has been passed on to the Governor in its C-Engrossed form. This bill requires that all agencies [except those stated in Section 9 (2)] must use hearing officers assigned from the Hearing Office Panel established with the Employment Department.  
    2. SB1127 has been passed on to the Governor in its C-Engrossed form. [NOTE: Three critical pieces for our Board: Performance Audit is replaced by self-audit procedure; Board Members will be appointed by the Governor without an election process; and employees of the Boards do not loose their state hire date and do not loose seniority if transferring to other state agencies.)
Big thank you from Kuper and the Board for Don Hull’s many contributions over his 21 years with the Board.

Respectfully submitted,
 Susanna R. Knight
Administrative Assistant to the Board