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Date, Location and Attendees
Tuesday, September 18th, 2001, 1:00 p.m.
The Association Center, Salem, Oregon
Conference Room A
Members Present:
John Beaulieu
Audrey Eldridge
Charles Hester
David Michael
William Orr
Gary Peterson
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight
Guest Present:
Michael Long, RG, CEG

Hester moved to approve agenda as distributed; seconded and passed.

Hester moved to approve the minutes of the 6/5/2001 Meeting; seconded and passed.

  1. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for December 18th at DOGAMI in Portland.  
  2. Knight stated that Eldridge’s second three-year term is coming to a close. A new Board appointment may be complete by her ending date of 12/14/2001. Three applications have currently been submitted. Interested registrants should contact Lisa Howard at the Governor’s office (503.378.8471) to request application materials.

  1. Office Report
    1. AR2001-03: Knight distributed a Summary of Staff Activities since the last Board Meeting of 6/5/2001. Following a review of four different banking institutions, the Board account has been transferred to Pioneer Trust Bank. The September newsletter has been mailed out. Board exams were held on the 14th of September.  
    2. Knight reported that the Final Budget Figures for 1999-2001 are complete. During the biennium, the Board was able to secure a reserve that had been depleted during the prior biennium.
  2. Committee Reports
    1. CEG Exam: Peterson announced that an invite has been extended by the Washington Board to attend their September 28 meeting. They will be meeting with an exam writer and would like to begin dialogue toward a dual state test. Peterson will attend. Michael reported that four candidates sat for the CEG exam this past Friday. A direct mail to all currently registered CEG’s will go out soon requesting exam question input.  
    2. OR Specific Exam: Orr proctored seven candidates sitting for the Oregon Specific Geology examination on September 14. Three passed and four failed.  
    3. Outreach Committee: Orr discussed the distribution of letters to Environmental Science professors regarding the public practice of geology due to the number of compliance cases related to this field. This letter would be an attempt to inform this group regarding limitations to their practice. Orr also attended a DOGAMI sponsored mapping workshop. He deferred to Beaulieu to share information regarding the September 11th gathering. This is an annual event that brings together individuals giving input on state mapping for the next year.  
    4. Rules & Regulations Committee: Eldridge reported that she met with Knight and Chute in July for a rule review. She distributed supplemental rule revisions suggested since the changes distributed prior to the Board meeting. Following discussion, Hester moved to adopt the rules as distributed with the modifications suggested by the Board’s attorney but eliminating Division 50, Section 10 and 30 pending clarification from the Board’s attorney. Seconded and passed.  
    5. Professional Practice Committee: Michael had no report as he is waiting finalizing of the MOU.  
    6. Compliance Committee: Hester reported that as of July 1st, six new cases have been opened. Beginning with the July 1, 2001 biennium twelve cases were still outstanding. One additional case has been closed leaving seventeen cases still under review. A discussion of the draft Agreement for CC#00-06-006 was held. Additional changes were suggested. Hester clarified that a letter from OSBEELS regarding certain compliance cases previously forwarded to them was in error. Those cases will have further review through the MOU process.  
    7. Legislative Issues: Beaulieu shared that the development of the MOU is the only follow-up to SB447. The statute regarding the public practice of geology only by a Registered Geologist becomes effective January 1, 2002.

  1. AC 01 08 225, Kupillas, Conflict of Interest in Practice: The Board approved the draft response and also recommended referring Ms. Kupillas to the Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission for additional assistance.  
  2. AC 01 08 236, Therese Hart, Practice question: Following discussion, Knight was directed to do a letter of response to Ms. Hart and set up a compliance case involving the Registered Geologist practicing outside his scope.  
  3. AC 01 08 237, Goal 7, Natural Hazards: The Board was reminded that additional comments may still be solicited. The hearing is set for September 27 and 28 at the Department of Agriculture building.

VI. Old Business
  1. Orr led discussion during the Work Session regarding Long Range Issues for the Board. The list will be revised and presented at the next meeting.  
  2. Beaulieu/Peterson announced that OSBEELS approved the MOU at their meeting September 11 with minor punctuation changes. Eldridge commented on what a great step this is for the Board. Additional discussion regarding membership of the Joint Committee was held. Membership will be determined on a case by case basis and will be appointed by the Board Chair.

  1. Compliance Matters, Hester moved to refer the following cases to OSBEELS: CC#99-01-002; CC#00-06-008; CC#00-07-011; CC# 01-01-001; CC#01-03-002; CC#01-06-005. Seconded and passed. Hester moved to issue an agreement with a registrant in CC#00-06-006. Seconded and passed.  
  2. MOU: Hester moved to approve the MOU draft of 8/10/2001 with one minor adjustment: under 6, change the ending number 8 to number 9. Seconded and passed. Knight was directed to complete the final draft and forward it for proper signatures.  
  3. Approve Check Log: #1501 to #1538: Hester moved to approve. Seconded and passed.  
  4. Establishing Authority for/and Standards of Review and Approval of Financial Transactions of Agency Head: Michael moved to authorize time sheet signature by chair or vice-chair. Seconded and passed.  
  5. Election of Officers (OAR 809-001-0010): Orr was asked to consider remaining as Chair of the Board. There was a unanimous reaffirmation of Orr as chair and Hester as vice chair.

Mike Long distributed copies of Correspondence AC 0108 241. This letter addresses a new area: Erosion Control Plans. It was written to Ed Graham of OSBEELS. Long requested that if the Board had an interest in this topic, he would be interested in hearing from the board.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight