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Date, Location and Attendees
Friday, October 8, 1999
Conference Room B, The Association Center
707 13th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97301
Members Present:
Audrey Eldridge
John Beaulieu
Dorian Kuper
Michael T. Long
Bill N. Orr
Member Absent:
Charles Hester
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight
No Guests Present

Chairperson Kuper called the meeting to order at 1:17 PM. One addition to agenda was requested - E. AC99422, Letter from ODOT.

Long moved to accept minutes as presented of the June 11, 1999 Meeting and July 14, 1999 Special Meeting; seconded and passed.

  1. Confirm December 10 meeting time in Portland at DOGAMI’s Office.
  1. Elect New Chairperson: Kuper nominated Eldridge for the Chair. Seconded and unanimously approved.
  1. Tally Votes on Board Election: Knight reported the following ballot tally from the recent Board position election: 64 Michael; Pierson 53. The results of this election will be forwarded to the Governor’s office for the final appointment decision. Board elections will now be discontinued. Effective November 1, 1999, SB1127 moves the responsibility for Board appointments back to the Governor’s office.

  1. Office Report
    1. AR99004: Summary of Staff Activities since 6/11/99Knight reported that NELA Management will be increasing the monthly lease by $25 effective January 1, 2000 [AC99471]. Final budget information from the 1997-99 Biennium was presented. The actual income from the biennium was $94,039.75; actual expenses for 1997-99 Biennium totaled $144,511. Knight indicated that she has not had time to work on the new biennium, but plans to present that information at the December meeting. Knight reported that the trend with the July/August/September renewal information shows about 28 percent are choosing not to renew (the majority of these are out of state registrants) however, the renewal numbers are small each of these months. The October/November/December renewal periods will be more useful projection months. Revenue projections for the 99-01 biennium did not include how many would not renew. Extensive discussion surrounded the budget. Beaulieu indicated that by December (6 months into the biennium), better projections can be viewed. Knight indicated that both PERS and PEBB are increasing their fees effective January 1, 2000. This will effect the budget. Knight distributed Compliance Reviews to various Board Members and reported that Kuper and Hester will be meeting with two separate registrants on October 26.  
    2. ASBOG Executive Committee Field Trip, August 13: Kuper/Orr acknowledged Scott Burns for leading the Field Trip to Mt. St. Helen and the Kelso landslides. Both indicated that it was a very good trip.
  2. Committee Reports
    1. CEG: Long reported that all five CEG examinees for the September exam date were present and stayed all day. Kuper will complete the exam scoring.  
    2. OR SPECIFIC EXAM: Orr reported that six candidates applied for the examination; four were present for the exam; pass rate was 75%.  
    3. OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Kuper reported that the GLCD publication is being received. No meetings were attended. Long suggested setting goals for the next year, such as assisting agencies in crafting their policies.  
    4. NEWSLETTER: Knight reported that the newsletter was distributed in early September. Next publication will be early December.  
    5. WEBSITE: Knight stated that there has been no change since the last meeting.  
    6. LEGISLATIVE ISSUES: Beaulieu discussed the issues of SB 12, which passed during the last legislative session.  
    7. COMPLIANCE: In Hester’s absence, Knight distributed the Compliance Committee Report, October 1999, prepared by Hester.

  1. Reciprocity Applications
    1. AC99375: John Borkovich [Reciprocity with CA applicant] Eldridge moved to inform Borkovich that he must take the ASBOG and Oregon Specific examinations. Seconded and passed.
    2. Hill, Richard Mark: application by reciprocity with AZ (ASBOG Exam): Eldridge indicated that from her contact with Hill, he did not complete both parts of the ASBOG test for his Arizona licensing. Knight instructed to contact ASBOG and ask if he has taken both parts of ASBOG.
    3. Barnes, Timothy L: application by reciprocity with ID (no ASBOG Exam) 672.595: Orr moved to inform Barnes that Oregon requires the ASBOG exam and the Oregon Specific examination for registration. Seconded and passed.
  2. Administrative Rules/Statute
    1. OAR 809-050-0020 Roster AC99415: Long stated that due to the high cost of publishing this directory, the Board interprets this rule to say that the Board will publish the directory and those wanting the roster may contact the Board office and pay a nominal fee.
    2. ORS 672.585 (3) Registrant reaching age 70: The Board states that registrants may actively work at the reduced fee. The RPG fee is $10.00. The CEG specialty is an additional $10.00 for a total of $20.00.

  1. AC99395: National Conference ACHMM August 2000 in Oregon/Ray Stiles has requested that the Board be aware of this event.  
  2. AC99397: Continuing Education Requirements in the Future Board suggested an article in the newsletter requesting registrants to comment on the need for such a requirement. Do we need continuing education Should the Board look into such a requirement Is it enhancing public safety by requiring continuing professional development Board is interested in knowing if you as a professional are doing continuing education. If yes, what type of continuing education have you completed If no, are there some types of continuing education courses that might interest you  
  3. AC99414: Does OSBGE allow RPG’s to remove underground tanks without having to pay a fee to DEQ If not, can a reciprocity agreement be established in this regard Eldridge commented that she has done research on this questions and it is not a geology issue. Our Geology registration does not cover this. Eldridge suggested that Compliance conclusions be forwarded to the State Agency if one was involved in the report process.  
  4. AC99460: Email from GIT [Can GIT vote for Board Position] An election has now become a thing of the past. SB1127 now changes how Board Members are appointed. The Governor will again be responsible. There will no longer be a registrant vote, but rather, any registrant that might have an interest in serving can leave their name with the Governor’s office. Prior to SB547, this was the procedure used.  
  5. AC99422: Letter from ODOT The Board will prepare a letter to ODOT acknowledging that the understanding of our statutes and rules and applicability.

The Board members discussed the one staff position. Eldridge moved to establish the position as follows:
  1. salary range of 24;
  2. starting at step 5 which is $3001;
  3. 8 steps in the range, top step at $3641;
  4. Per ORS 672.615 (7), title of position Board Administrator
Seconded and passed. Beaulieu commented that the State Job description is inadequate for this position, as it is a combination of various positions. Knight stated that we must define this position in our to be developed Personnel Policy Manual.
The meeting concluded by recognizing the departure of Michael T. Long, CEG. Chair Kuper stated that Long can leave the Board, but not the needs of the Board! She complimented him on his record and his contributions over his six-year appointment. She thanked him for his vision and goals! Long responded: "It has been an enjoyable experience. I have grown personally and professionally over these six years. It is was important to me to elevate the standard of practice but in that regard, there is so much more to be done as each new Board member arrives. I am happy with the progress, and hope that the Board does not just survive, but thrives. Enforcement is an important part of what the Board is about. I want to thank everyone for his or her willingness to "work for free". We have a wonderful pool of talent out in the profession that is willing to help. We are protecting the public; we are not promoting the profession."
The meeting of the Board was adjourned at 3:55 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight