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Date, Location and Attendees
Friday, December 10, 1999 @ 1:00 PM
DOGAMI, PSOB, 800 NE Oregon ST, Suite 965, Portland, Oregon
Members Present:
Audrey Eldridge
John Beaulieu
Dorian Kuper
David Michael
William Orr
Member Absent:
Charles Hester
Guests Present:
Christine Chute, Assistant AG
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight, Administrator

Meeting called to order by Chair Eldridge at 1:07 PM.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES of October 8, 1999 Meeting
Beaulieu requested correction to IV B 6 to state "Beaulieu discussed the issues of SB12 which passed during the last legislative session." Minutes approved as corrected.

  1. Welcome David Michael, CEG, New Board Member Chair Eldridge welcomed David Michael as the newest Board Member. He has been appointed to a three-year term replacing Michael Long. Oregon Department of Forestry employs Mr. Michael. He is very active with AEG here in Oregon.  
  2. Introduce new Assistant AG: Christine Chute [AC99532] Chute has replaced Tom Cowan as our legal counsel. She was asked to talk about where we are with the Smith case and options for the Hearing. Due to the pending Civil Case, a new lawyer has taken over as Smith’s legal counsel. This has delayed the negotiation process. Chute distributed a flow chart to visualize the two choices the Board has in hearing this case: turning the hearing over to a Central Panel or using the Board as the Hearings Panel. Discussion by the Board followed. The Board will hear this case. Hearing date will be set for February 14, 2000 and alternate choice of March 6 or 8. Chute pointed out that at any time during this process, a settlement could be reached. Chute departed following this discussion.  
  3. New Board Member Orientation: March 14, 2000: Michael and Orr are encouraged to attend. Knight will forward information when it arrives [approximately six weeks prior].  
  4. Set Meeting Dates for 2000: The Board tentatively set March 29, 2000, as the next meeting date. In lieu of our "traveling" public member, the Board will set future dates at the next Board Meeting.

  1. Office Report  
    1. AR99005: Knight presented a Summary of Staff Activitiessince the last Board Meeting on 10/8/1999: See attachment.  
    2. ASBOG National Meeting: Eldridge and Orr both agreed that the meeting was very worthwhile. Handouts were distributed. Information in the ASBOG Book about the state of Oregon needs to be corrected.  
  2. Committee Reports  
    1. CEG: Kuper reported that the weakness of the exam candidates appeared to be in the design end of engineering. She recommended that the CEG exam committee develop a test bank of questions. She also recommended that the CEG Guidelinesfirst developed in 1992 be updated. Beaulieu recommended a long-range plan for the Board to supply report procedures to counties, cities, etc.  
    2. OR Specific Exam: Orr reported that 4 candidates took the Oregon Specific Exam in September. The exam is scheduled today at 5:00 PM.  
    3. Outreach Committee: Kuper  
    4. Rules & Regulations Committee: Eldridge met this morning here at DOGAMI with 3 of 6 volunteers: Sprecher, Bend; Recca, Eugene, and Larson, Portland. Albright, Geller and Petit will be working with this group also. Statute changes must be in Legislative concept form by April 14.  
    5. Professional Practice Committee: Michael will become the Chair of this committee. Rodney Weick and Randy Albright have volunteered to serve on this committee. This committee will look into the definition of the public practice of geology.  
    6. Compliance Committee: Hester’s November 1999 report was distributed.  
    7. Legislative Issues: Beaulieu stated that after January 1, 2000, Hearings Officers must be used in Compliance Issues [HB 2525 Contested Case Hearings]. Knightto contact DAS about legislative timeline for next year.  

  1. Compliance Actions  
    1. CC #99-06-009: Compliance Committee met with respondent on November 29. He understood that the work is geology work. He will sign a letter of agreement with the Board. Beaulieu moved to prepare a letter of agreement between the Board and respondent. Upon signature of this agreement, the case will be closed. Kuper seconded. Passed. Discussion followed about additional public that should receive a copy of the letter. A copy should be addressed to major tank "pullers" (check yellow pages), project managers, anybody involved, including the client.  
    2. CC #99-06-008: Non-registered geologist with Ph.D. Represented himself as a geologist by billing as a geologist. No action today. Hold for reply to letter of 11/22/1999.
  2. Long Term Goals: These can be developed in a retreat environment. Include the following: 1) Standard of reports [What is a good report Educate the constituency. Develop outreach strategy. Broad view of field. Public education.] 2) Website development [communicate to cities about the website]; 3) Involve registrants; 4) Peer Reviews around the state; 5) Liaison Committee with engineering.  
  3. Committee Appointments: Interest letters and resumes have been received. Most have been appointed to the Rules and Regulations Committee. Newsletter article about need for Registered Geologists to serve on the P&P Committee. Michael will also do some recruiting.  
  4. Plan for Retreat: Possible dates April 1 to April 2 and combine with Board Meeting. Knight to contact Silver Creek Falls.

AC99541: Request by over 70 registrant to drop his CEG specialty: Michael moved to drop his Certified Engineering Geology specialty and change his registration to a Registered Professional Geologist. Seconded by Orr. Passed.

No public comment.
Meeting adjourned at 4:37 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna R. Knight