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Date, Location, Attendees, Work Session
Tuesday, March 8, 2005
Conference Room, Sunset Center South
Salem, Oregon
The meeting was preceded by a work session beginning at 9:00 AM and continued through a working lunch. Courtney Isselhardt, RG, member of the Hydrogeology Guideline Committee, attended the work session. Webb requested input from the Board for the draft Hydrogeology Guideline. The report is not a "how to do it" guideline, but rather "what a hydro report should contain" guideline. Webb asked the Board to provide language and comments for the front-end introduction and the conclusion by March 18, 2005. By April 8, 2005, Webb will provide a revised document with a one-week window for input (by April 15, 2005). The document will then be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda as an Action item. Assistant Attorney General Chute joined the meeting to discuss the status of current mediation; the MOU process and concerns about cases presented; and the Astoria Landslide. Morris & McConnell offered their input on the Tribal Policy under development. Peterson questioned our authority on sovereign land. Chute offered suggestions and was asked to provide further information to the Board. The Board discussed outreach through each tribes’ Natural Resource Departments. The Board discussed draft information for a Disclosure Statement currently under development. A line-by-line review of the Action List was conducted. The Board discussed the implications of an ongoing contract agreement with the Oregon State Landscape Architect Board (OSLAB). Knight stated that the addition of a half-time staff person is needed to keep up with the current workload. A revised budget that reflects this addition as well as the revenue addition from OSLAB must be prepared. A discussion about the Oregon Geology Exam was moved to the Board meeting and the Continuing Education item was forwarded to the next Work Session.
The meeting was called to order by Chair Peterson at 1:25 PM.
Members Present:
Gary Peterson, RG, CEG Board Chair
Eileen Webb, RG, Vice Chair
Vicki McConnell, Ph.D., RG, State Geologist
David Michael, RG, CEG
Allen Morris, Public Member
William Orr, Ph.D., RG
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight, Administrator

Guests Present:

The meeting agenda was approved as presented.

Minutes of the December 7, 2004, meeting were approved with one addition, that Peterson moved to approve the draft 2005-07 budget.

August 27, 2005, was set for the annual Board picnic to be held at the home of Bill and Liz Orr. Due to a Tuesday conflict for Board meetings, dates for 2005 were revised to June 10, 2005; September 9, 2005; and November 11, 2005.

  1. Office Report
    1. Knight distributed office report AR2005-01, a Summary of Staff Activities since 12/7/2004. Administrators of semi-independent Boards are meeting to develop guidelines for semi-independent government. She informed the Board that 25 candidates sat for the ASBOG fundamental exam Friday, March 4, 2005, and 12 candidates sat for the ASBOG practice exam. On the same day, four candidates sat for the Engineering Geology exam and 11 sat for the Oregon Geology exam. The Board’s website is migrating to the www.oregon.gov web page, and Knight will be attending training for website updating with our volunteer webmaster Jane Feinberg this coming Friday. A search for an ISP provider will be initiated. The biennial report to the Legislature was delivered on January 10, 2005. It will be posted on the web page. January 17, 2005, the office moved to a different location in the current building and joined up with the Oregon State Landscape Architect Board. Webb moved to revise the draft budget to include a half-time person and include income from the anticipated OSLAB contract for the next biennium. Seconded and passed. Michael, yes; Morris, yes; Orr, yes; Peterson, yes; Webb, yes.
    2. Knight distributed an Expense and Revenue statement for the current biennium. Revenues are ahead of expenses to date for the 2003-2005 biennium, but we are in our slow revenue months. Peterson stated that steps are being taken to move some funds to higher-interest accounts.
  2. Committee Reports
    1. CEG Examination: Michael reported that the CEG Examination Committee met in Vancouver, WA, on February 16 and 17. In addition to Michael, four CEG volunteers represented Oregon each day. Day 1 and 2: Scott Billings, Chris Humphrey, and David Scofield. Day 1 only: Todd Jarvis; Day 2 only: Sue Bednarz. Ken Neal from the WA Board was also present. Much was accomplished, and many questions were reviewed. A big thanks to all the Engineering Geologists that prepared questions for the Board. Michael and Neal agreed that question writing should be done in a "get together" without psychometricians. Those completed questions would then be provided to the psychometricians.
    2. OR-Specific Exam: Orr reported that eleven candidates completed the Oregon Specific Geology Exam on March 4, 2005. He offered that the system for selecting questions is running smoothly but that he had prepared a sampling of multiple choice questions for the Board to review. Webb inquired as to whether the Board wishes to continue with the Oregon exam. Orr stated that there are unique geological features in Oregon, but he is not wed to the exam. Michael stated that we should drop the exam, as the Board’s Code of Ethics prevents registrants from working where they are not qualified. He stated that registration is about protecting the public, not about academic credentials. Registrants must know about the area in which they are working. Additional discussion ensued, including exam administration upon Orr’s departure from the Board; budget implications; timing of any change of exam requirement. Webb moved that effective June 1, 2005, the Oregon-Specific Exam no longer be required for registration as a geologist in Oregon. Seconded and passed. Michael, yes; Morris, yes; Orr, yes; Peterson, yes; Webb, yes. Peterson directed Knight to provide budget implications in the revised budget to be prepared.
    3. CEG Report Guideline Committee: Michael reported that Tom Kuper has volunteered to assist as a new member for the CEG Guideline Committee. Chris Humphrey is also serving on this committee. The Board is soliciting one more volunteer from a large company.
    4. Hydrogeology Guideline Committee: Webb reported that the Board reviewed the Hydrogeology Guideline Committee’s draft document during the work session. Board Members are asked to provide comments, edits, etc. by March 18 providing track changes. Comments are requested for the front-end introduction and the conclusion. Webb will distribute a revised document back to the Board by April 8 for a final review with a one-week turnaround requested. May 1, 2005, is the drop-dead date for completion. The document will be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda as an action item.
    5. MOU Joint Committee: Peterson reported that the MOU Joint Committee has two active cases, both against Certified Engineering Geologists for practicing engineering. OSBEELS provided information on February 28, 2005, which was promised, for continuing with one of these cases. Knight stated that the MOU process needs to be revisited so that cases can be completed in a more timely fashion.
    6. Outreach Committee: Orr stated that the Outreach Committee should now provide the revised rule for evaluating experience of professors to all non-registered geology professors in Oregon. The revisions to the rule may provide an impetus for professors to seek registration. The Board encourages professors to seek registration. Orr also reported that a draft for a Disclosure Statement, including the suggestions from the Work Session, would be prepared and forwarded to all Board Members for additional input. The Disclosure Statement will be on the next Board Meeting agenda.
    7. Rules & Regulations Committee: Webb distributed draft wording for a revision of OAR 809-50-0000. Board members are to respond no later than April 8, 2005, with input on the rule change. The Rules Committee has reviewed this draft language and given input. Discussion ensued as to whether the electronic stamping issue should be addressed in rule. Peterson stated that a computer-generated certified signature stamp, for security purposes, is available. McConnell stated that each registrant is responsible for securing the electronic stamping of their documents. Webb asked that the housekeeping issues drafted many months ago be placed on the June Work Session agenda.
    8. Professional Practice Committee: Michael reported that he thought the White Paper draft would be ready by now. All members of the Professional Practice Committee are working on this project. The draft will be distributed within the next couple of weeks.
    9. Compliance Committee: Morris reported that the Compliance Committee is awaiting the end of the 6-month window of the current mediation. The Board may be convened in a special meeting after the follow-up is completed. The Board is in a 30-day window for response to CC#04-07-004. Numerous reports recently submitted are under review, and a complaint may be opened should they be defined as the practice of geology. Morris inquired if the Board wished to subpoena reports from two NW Aquifer Survey franchises to determine if the work is being properly reviewed and stamped by Registered Geologists. Knight was directed to issue a letter to the companies requesting the name of the Registered Geologists in responsible charge of geology reports prepared by their company. Peterson stated that the MOU Joint Committee will have items by the next Board meeting.
    10. Legislative Issues:  Knight reported on Legislative Issues. SB80 moved through the Senate side. Board Members Michael, McConnell, Orr and Webb were present for the February 24, 2005, House Hearing and Work Session on the bill. The bill subsequently received a do pass and was placed on the Consent calendar. This statute change charges the Board with providing required coursework for applicants in rule. McConnell is tracking SB55, a bill that appears to include the work of mapping within the definition of the "practice of land surveying". Knight stated that two bills will effect semi-independent Boards, HB2029 which will change the reporting requirements for semi-independent Boards and SB405 which allows semi-independent Boards to enter into borrowing agreements.

  1. Correspondence AC 05 01 025 from ODOT inquiring about the stamping of "blast plans review comments" was discussed. Members concurred that geology is important to blasting, however OSBGE does not regulate blasters. If the blasting plan is the execution of a design stamped by a design professional, that professional is responsible for the blast plans. However, a review plan should be in place by the agency to determine that the blasting plan meets agency expectations. Peterson and Michael will draft a response to ODOT.
  2. Correspondence AC 05 01 032, also directed to OSBEELS, was received from Jim Martin regarding the Astoria Landslide. The Board is understands that no Registered Geologist worked on this project. The project was under the guidance of a Professional Engineer who is regulated by OSBEELS. This Board has no authority over the Professional Engineer. No mailing address was provided so no response can be issued to Mr. Martin.
  3. Correspondence AC 05 02 062 from Paul Branchfield, RG stated that he would not be registering for the 2005 year since retiring as a geologist. Chair Peterson stated that the Board strives to keep fees at the level necessary to protect the public.
  4. Correspondence AC 05 02 070 from Neil Shaw, G1176 requesting that his name be removed from the registrant list. The Board indicated that Shaw should receive an acknowledgement of his request and a reminder that he cannot practice on a lapsed or expired registration.
  5. Correspondence AC 05 02 078 was received from ASBOG as an informational correspondence to inform the Board that they declined a request from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) to release the regulatory exam for AAPG’s use in a certifying process.
  6. Correspondence AC 05 02 080 came from a non-registrant inquiring about reciprocal registration based on passing the pre-ASBOG Oregon fundamental exam and a pre-ASBOG practice exam. The Board discussed that Oregon Administrative Rules currently require the ASBOG exam for registration. Michael suggested that the Board discuss the ASBOG exam requirement for registration. Such a rule restricts applicants who have passed pre-ASBOG exams from registering in Oregon by other exams. He requested additional review and discussion of this issue.
[Orr was excused for the remainder of the meeting.]

Peterson distributed information from the DAS/HR Policy about Special Employee Recognition and suggested that the Board consider recognizing Knight’s efforts to work with the Oregon State Landscape Architect Board. Michael moved that the Board grant 40 hours paid leave for outstanding service. Seconded and passed. Michael, yes; Morris, yes; Peterson, yes; Webb, yes. Peterson stated: "Thank you, Susanna, for an exceptional outlook on life and a good job of handling additional work of the office." McConnell recommended that the Chair prepares a letter and that letter is placed in Knight’s personnel file.

  1. Compliance Matters: Morris reported that no action was necessary at this time on any cases. (See Compliance Committee report above.)
  2. Approve Check log: Michael moved to approve Check log #2113 to #2150 and 9014 to 9016. Seconded and passed. Michael, yes; Morris, yes; Peterson, yes; Webb, yes.

Peterson stated that he appreciated the attendance of Courtney Isselhardt, RG, for the Work Session this morning.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight

(Minutes were approved at the June 10, 2005, quarterly Board meeting)