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Monday, April 12, 2004
Sunset Center South
1193 Royvonne Avenue SE, #24
Salem, Oregon
Present via Telephone:
Vicki McConnell, PhD, RG, State Geologist, Portland
David Michael, RG, CEG, Board Chair, Forest Grove
Allen Morris, Canby
Gary Peterson, RG, CEG, Beaverton
Eileen Webb, RG, Tigard
Present at the Board Office:
Susanna Knight, Administrator
William Orr
No Guests Present
The Meeting was called to order by Chair David Michael at 11:00AM. Oral role call was taken.
Michael welcomed Allen Morris, Canby, to his first meeting as the new Public Member of the Board. Morris was appointed effective 3/25/2004 to fill the remainder of the term for Charles Hester.
Michael stated that the purpose of this meeting is to discuss the motion passed at the March 11, 2004, Board meeting. The motion reads as follows:

Webb moved to prepare legislative concepts on numerous housekeeping statute changes per AAG Chute’s recommendation. Seconded. Discussion followed. Webb indicated that the term “seal” should be removed and the word “stamp” should only be used. The term hydrogeology is the correct term used to discuss the practice of groundwater geology. Any wording in statute referencing the grandfather period should be removed. As an ex-officio member of the Board, the State Geologist is a non-voting member. Unanimously passed.”
Michael summarized information for the Board as follows:
  • Early in 2004, Administrator Knight requested a review by the Board’s attorney of the Board’s statutes in preparation for the 2005 legislative session.
  • Numerous housekeeping items suggested by the Board’s attorney were presented at the March 11, 2004, Board meeting and the motion was approved to move forward with those changes.
  • Subsequent to that Board meeting, Rules and Regulations Chair Webb initiated additional housekeeping changes.
  • In a staff meeting on March 30, 2004, Michael and Knight discussed the additional changes and were concerned that input from the entire Board was not available for those additional housekeeping changes. At that time, Michael suggested that a Special Meeting be scheduled to ask the Board to postpone submitting housekeeping changes for the 2005 Legislative Session, in order to accommodate additional discussion.
Discussion about this issue was held. Michael suggested that we step back and take more time and implement additional general changes to statute at a later date. McConnell stated that such a delay would offer the opportunity for better scrutiny of the language changes. Webb interjected that she would prefer to see a line by line discussion of changes. Peterson acknowledged that the scope of the housekeeping had grown. Webb questioned what consequence would arise due to postponing the housekeeping changes. Michael stated that much volunteer energy is expended in deciding what to do and additional energy is needed to get it done!
Michael requested a motion from the Board. Webb moved to delay until the 2007 Legislative session housekeeping changes to ORS 672.505 to 672.705, excluding ORS 672.555 and ORS 672.565 for which a separate Legislative concept was approved at the March 11, 2004 Board meeting. Seconded by Peterson. Discussion followed. Peterson stated that the intent of the delay is to accommodate the refining of those additional housekeeping items presented by the Rules and Regulations Committee Chair. The Board can continue working on all housekeeping items over the next two years so that it will be ready for the next legislative session. Board members supported this proposal.
Chair Michael requested a roll call vote: Morris, yes; Peterson, yes; Webb, yes; Orr, absent; McConnell, ex-officio, no vote. Chair Michael stated that the motion passes with a unanimous vote.
Knight asked if there were any questions regarding the revisions to ORS 672.555 that are now ready to move forward as a legislative concept. McConnell stated that the concise wording of 672.555(2)(a) would provide the Board with the ability to set out details of education requirements in Administrative Rules. Knight stated that the education concept would be submitted as a Legislative Concept by Thursday, April 15, 2004.
Chair Michael adjourned the meeting at 11:40 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight
(Minutes were approved at the June 6, 2004, Board Meeting)