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Date, Location and Attendees
June 9, 2003
Conference Room
Sunset Center South
1192 Royvonne Avenue SE
Salem, Oregon
Board Members Present:
Charles Hester, CPA, Public Member
David Michael, RG, CEG, Board Chairperson
William Orr, PhD, RG
Gary Peterson, RG, CEG
Eileen Webb, RG
Vicki McConnell, RG,Acting State Geologist
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight, Administrator
Guests Present:
Michael Dewey, RG
Malia Kupillas, RG
Karen Reed
Mark Reed

Opening Statement
The Board Meeting was preceded by a 9:00 AM Work Session and a 1:00 PM Rules Hearing on the 2003-05 Budget. The meeting was called to order by Chair David Michael at 1:12 PM.

Peterson requested the addition of a discussion of WETLANDS. Orr requested the addition of a Beaulieu recognition discussion. Hester requested that the following compliance cases be listed under action items: CC#03-04-003, CC#01-08-009 and CC#01-08-010. The agenda was approved with these additions.

Hester moved to approved the minutes of the 3/10/2003 Meeting. Seconded and passed.

  1. The Board welcomed Vicki McConnell, RG, Acting State Geologist. John Beaulieu, RG, CEG retired as State Geologist effective May 31, 2003. The Board acknowledged their appreciation of Beaulieu’s contributions to the Board since his appointment to the State Geologist position July 1, 1999, which automatically placed him on the Geologist Examiners Board as an ex-officio member. Orr volunteered to research a commemorative gift for Dr. Beaulieu.
  2. Next Board Meeting will be held in Salem on September 10, 2003, in the Conference Room of Sunset Center South. The December meeting will be held in Eugene on December 10, 2003, at a location to be announced. The Board will post the meeting notice in the Eugene Register Guard and inform citizens of that community that they will be meeting in their city.

  1. Office Report

    1. AR2003-02: Knight distributed her report titled SUMMARY OF STAFF ACTIVITIES SINCE 3/10/2003. She stated that four major items consumed much of her time during these three months: legislation surrounding SB572 and HB2893; setting up CEG Focus Groups; moving the Board office to its new location; and preparation of the budget for the next biennium. Knight suggested that at times, it could be difficult for the State Geologist to be the “point person” for legislation affecting the Board’s statute. She suggested that the Board discuss alternative ways to approach future legislative issues. Peterson will work with Knight to bring recommendations regarding legislative procedures forward to the Board. It has been a very challenging quarter and Knight is due for a time of renewal. The office will be closed for vacation effective June 18 and will reopen on July 7.
    2. Budget Status for 2001-03: The revenue/expense report for the biennium is forecasted to balance. This is primarily due to rent charges. The Board had anticipated moving in the second year of the biennium with a substantial increase in cost. That move did not materialize, hence the budget should balance.
    3. Budget Status for 2003-05: During the Work Session, the Board discussed the budget line items for the next biennium. The projected income for the biennium is approximately $8,000 less than the budgeted expenses. The current carryover balance in the Board’s account can cover this difference. The board discussed possible strategies should projections for either revenue (going down) or expenses (going up) change. The national meeting travel budget could be targeted, as all other line items effect staffing and programs of the Board. The Board concurred with the draft budget of $249,859.00.

  2. Committee Reports

    1. CEG Examination: Peterson reported that the pass rate of 66% for the March CEG examination is statistically correct. He shared that he had participated in the CEG Focus Group meeting with the Washington Board in Vancouver on April 30 and was very impressed with the work that was accomplished and with the quality of the Oregon participants.
    2. OR Specific Exam: Orr reported that the examination was administered Friday, June 6, 2003.
    3. Outreach Committee: Orr updated the Board regarding the evaluation process for registration of professors. He and Webb co-chaired a meeting held in Salem with the Oregon universities’ Geology Department Chairpersons on March 18, 2003. Following that meeting, Orr had additional conversations with members of academia. He concluded that many professors from academia could and should be registered; that there was a desire for a blanket registering; and that PhD professors indicated that they should be exempt from the examination requirement. Orr stated that the statute requirements do not exempt anyone from the examination requirement. The transcript review process would determine degree experience credit, as some university professors could be teaching in the geology arena without a geology degree. Orr suggested that an appointed committee of academic Registered Geologists be convened to do the evaluation of any academia applications when such applications do not include standard geology experience. Michael requested that Orr develop some guidelines for evaluating the type of work experience presented by professors and present those guidelines to the Board at the next meeting.
    4. Rules & Regulations Committee: Webb reported that the Board’s bill (HB2234), designed to clarify the educational quarter hour requirement for applications and deleting obsolete statute language, is dead. The bill was assigned to the House Business, Labor and Consumer Affairs Committee chaired by Representative Close. Webb visited Representative Close’s office and shared the Board’s position with Close’s aid, but the bill failed to move to the committee’s agenda.
    5. Professional Practice Committee: Michael stated that he had not completed any additional work on the “White Paper” dealing with practice issues. It was suggested that pieces of the paper could be delegated to other Board members for drafting language.
    6. Compliance Committee: Hester distributed an updated copy of his report on Compliance Cases. He stated that there are still 11 active cases and of those eleven, six have been referred to the Joint Committee of the MOU. Board members concurred that it is time for the Joint Committee to convene. Hester recommended changing the language in the Agreements for both CC#01-08-009 and CC#01-08-010 so that these cases can be brought to a close. [NOTE: Hester excused himself from the meeting to leave for another scheduled appointment at 3:00 PM]
    7. Legislative Update: Knight stated that HB2893 was awaiting the Governor’s signature. Although the Board fought against both this bill and SB572, the Board did not have the proper lobbying capability, either in the form of man-hours or dollars for purchasing a lobbyist. Representative Phil Barnhart, Eugene, carried this bill on behalf of its proponent, Mark Reed, University of Oregon Professor of Geology. Following the Governor’s signature on this bill, the Board should consider additional Rules to clarify this statute. The Rules Committee will be asked to develop the draft rules. The Board suggested that Reed be invited to participate in the Rule development.
    8. Hydrogeology Task Force: Webb reported that the individuals of the seven member committee met and developed an outline for the guideline. This phase is nearing completion. The committee is scheduled to meet again on June 18, 2003.

  1. AC 03 03 141: A Registered Geologist requested that the Board reconsider his application for the CEG examination. OAR 809-030-0020 clarifies the evaluation procedure for this issue. The applicant had completed 4 years 4 months working in responsible charge (IRC) as a CEG. He needs an additional 8 months to meet the 5-year IRC requirement. He is currently working under a CEG and needs an additional 22 months working under a CEG to meet the 3-year experience requirement. The applicant requested that the Board accept a combination of his experience. The Board sympathized with the registrant but could not meet his request based on current laws and rules.
  2. AC 03 04 166: An Idaho resident and registrant with the Oregon Board requested the Board consider an inactive registration status. The Board directed the Administrator to contact neighboring states regarding their use of an inactive status.
  3. AC 03 04 174: A thank you was received from registrants in appreciation of the Board’s input to the city of Eugene. The STANDARDS FOR GEOLOGICAL AND GEOTECHNICAL ANALYSIS has now been completed by that city.
  4. AC 03 04 201: The Board received a follow-up memo from Michael Long, CEG, ODOT, regarding the Geologist Title Protection Act of 1977. He shared that his staff has been directed not to use the title geologist unless they are registered with the Board.
  5. AC 03 04 201: A registrant is requesting that the Board consider participating in a Washington State Hydrogeology Symposium. Knight was directed to contact the Washington Board and determine the level of their participation. The Board concurred that such a symposium is the responsibility of professional societies, not regulatory boards.
  6. AC 03 04 202: This purpose of this letter from State Audits Division directed to the Board Chair is to inform the Board of the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline established in 1995. This Hotline is a method for citizens and employees to voice concerns. All agencies are required to post a notice advertising the hotline in all state offices. The letter also informs agencies that they are required to file a written report to the Audits Division when the agency has incurred a loss of public funds or property caused by an employee, including Board members.
  7. AC 03 05 228: The Washington Department of Licensing has reopend the grandparenting period for Geology licenses. All applications must be postmarked or delivered to the Washington Board office by June 30, 2003. Information is available from their website: www.dol.wa.gov/design/geofront.htm or call 360.664.1497.

AC 02 05 058: Peterson anticipates meeting with the DEQ Administrator to discuss various concerns of the Board. After that meeting, the Board will be able to respond to this correspondence.

  1. Compliance Matters, Hester

    1. CC#03-04-003: Webb moved to issue a LETTER OF CONCERN advising that all documents involving geologic work must be signed by a registrant in responsible charge and impressed with their seal. Seconded and passed. Board members requested that a statement be included about referring the registrant’s stamping questions to the Rules Committee.
    2. CC#01-08-009: Orr moved to change the Agreement by removing the phrase “cease the public practice of geology”. Then state that henceforth the person will have all reports, which may contain information considered to be the public practice of geology (hydrogeology) in the State of Oregon, prepared under the direct supervision of, and stamped by, an Oregon Registered Geologist. Seconded and passed.
    3. CC#01-08-010: Orr moved to change the Agreement by removing the phrase “cease the public practice of geology. Then state that henceforth the person will have all reports, which may contain information considered to be the public practice of geology (hydrogeology) in the State of Oregon, prepared under the direct supervision of, and stamped by, an Oregon Registered Geologist. Seconded and passed.

  2. Adopt Budget for 2003-05 Biennium: Peterson moved to adopt a budget of $249,859.00 for the 2003-05 Biennial Budget. Seconded and passed. [Administrative Rule: OAR 809-010-0025, Operative Budget]
  3. Approve Check Log: Webb moved to approve the check log from #1793 to #1830. Seconded and passed.

  1. Peterson apprised the Board about a document on Wetlands Delineation that recently came to his attention. The Oregon Division of State Lands is responsible for the document regarding developing a hydrogeologic evaluation of wetlands. Peterson is concerned that individuals may be moving into the arena of hydrogeology without realizing they are practice geology.
  2. Michael Dewey requested assistance in salvaging his CEG experience time. Can he continue to count his time during Forest Engineering schooling if he continues to work for the company. Since the schooling would not overlap with required degree work, Verification of that time can be used to meet the experience requirement.
  3. Mark Reed stated that the Board is taking a positive step in working with professors. He stated that in counting experience, the work they are doing as research work could count toward experience. Much computer modeling and laboratory research is compatible as geology experience.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight
(Minutes were approved at the September 10, 2003, Board Meeting)