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Date, Location and Attendees
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Conference Room, Sunset Center South
1193 Royvonne Avenue SE
Salem, Oregon
Board Members Present:
Charles Hester, CPA, Public Member
Vicki McConnell, PhD, RG, Acting State Geologist
David Michael, RG, CEG, Board Chairperson
William Orr, PhD, RG
Gary Peterson, RG, CEG
Eileen Webb, RG
Staff Present:
Susanna Knight, Administrator
Guests Present:
Pier Bartow
Kurt Katsura, RG
Mark Reed
Karen Reed

Call to Order; Opening Statement
Board Chair David Michael called the meeting to order at 1:18 PM.

Michael announced that during the morning Work Session, at 9:05 AM, the Board moved into executive session for the purpose of considering records exempt from public disclosure. The executive session was held pursuant to ORS 192.660 (1)(f) for the purpose of reviewing and crafting questions for the Oregon Geology examination. At 10:45 AM the Board returned to its regular work session. The Board was joined by David Vand’hoft from Governor Kulongoski’s staff for the purpose of sharing the Governor’s understanding of HB 2893 which was signed into law in June 2003.

There were no additions or revisions to the agenda.

The June 9, 2003, meeting minutes were approved as presented.

  1. Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 10, 2003, in Eugene, Oregon. The location is to be determined.
  2. The next exam date for the ASBOG Exam, the CEG Exam, and the Oregon-Specific Geology Exam is Friday, October 3, 2003. All exams will be administered at Chemeketa Community College.
  3. C. The Oregon Specific Geology examination will also be administered on December 5, 2003.
  4. The Association of State Boards of Geologists (ASBOG) will convene the Council of Examiners (COE) in Jacksonville, Florida on October 30 & 31. Bill Orr (fundamental section) and David Michael (practice section) will represent the Oregon Board.
  5. The annual national meeting of ASBOG is scheduled in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 1, 2003. Bill Orr will serve as the delegate for the Oregon Board. Susanna Knight, Administrator, will attend the Administrator meeting on Friday, October 31 and the national meeting on Saturday, November 1.

  1. AC 03 08 341: Michael stated that the staff issued a letter to the author of this letter stating that Registered Geologists working on civil engineering projects must be supervised by a Certified Engineering Geologist. The registrant’s follow-up letter requested additional clarification of practice issues. Michael will call the registrant and provide verbal clarification.
  2. AC 03 08 352: The Board chose to deny this request by a registrant to reconsider a LETTER OF CONCERN issued in March 2003 at the close of a compliance case. No supporting information was provided. The registrant was given the opportunity to respond to all the concerns raised by the Compliance Committee while the case was open. Knight will issue a response letter to the registrant denying the request.

  1. Office Report
    1. AR2003-03: Knight presented a written summary of staff activities since the last Board meeting on June 9, 2003 [See attachment.]. She stated that the administrators of semi-independent boards discussed, at their last meeting, the high cost of the Secretary of State audit required by ORS 297.210 when an executive head leaves his/her position. In recent times, two of the Boards have experienced administrative changes. Audit charges ranged from $25,00 to $30,000. Knight indicated that such a charge would be about 10% of the biennial budget for this Board. There is concern by all Boards regarding the high cost of the audit. Knight stated that the new database has been installed and is currently being “debugged.” The transition has been smooth. Knight stated that the Board was well represented at the CEG examination development meetings held in Vancouver and Olympia, Washington, during April and June. Knight reported that she anticipates an October distribution of the next Board newsletter.
    2. Final Budget Figures for the 2001-2003 biennium were distributed. Knight stated that the actual budget figures were very close to the projected figures. Although attorney general fees and examination contract fees were higher than budgeted, anticipated increased rent expense in year two of the biennium did not materialize. With the office move by May 1,2003, additional savings in the May 2003 and June 2003 rent payments were also realized and helped to balance the biennial budget.
    3. Status of 2003-2005 budget was not available. Knight stated that the new budget allocations were not yet entered into the system so no report was prepared. She reported that a strong income/expense imbalance occurs during the summer.
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Compliance Committee Chair Hester distributed his updated report of all compliance cases and reported on the seven active cases.
      1. CC#02-05-003: The respondent has requested a hearing upon receipt of a NOTICE OF INTENT. AAG McGinnity is negotiating a settlement. A hearing will be scheduled should negotiations fail.
      2. CC#02-09-008: Pursuant to the memo distributed and discussed during the Work Session, Orr moved to close the case by issuing a LETTER OF CONCERN to the respondent informing him that he must be registered to practice geology in Oregon. Seconded and passed.
      3. CC#03-03-001: Webb moved to issue a LETTER OF CONCERN to the respondent but acknowledging his commitment to having all future reports reviewed and stamped by a Registered Geologist. Seconded and passed.
      4. CC#03-03-002: Hester reported that an informal conference was held with the respondent on Monday, September 10, 2003. The respondent is to provide to the Board additional information for further review within 30 days.
      5. CC#03-08-004: Webb is assigned to the new case as technical reviewer.
      6. CC#03-08-005: Peterson is assigned to the new case as technical reviewer.
      7. CC#03-09-006: Additional clarification of the complaint has been requested from the complainant. Orr will serve as the technical reviewer.
    2. MOU Joint Committee: Peterson has attempted to convene this committee but recognizes that the grandfathering period for the new discipline, Geotechnical Engineer, currently distracts OSBEELS. As a public member of both the geology and engineering Boards, Hester has requested that a Joint Committee report be listed for every Board meeting for both Boards in an attempt to spur the convening of this group.
    3. CEG Examination: Peterson shared that there are some ongoing concerns with Washington with regards to the CEG examination development process. Washington is considering only testing on an annual basis. Michael will discuss this issue with Washington Board members while attending the national ASBOG meeting.
    4. OR-Specific Exam: Orr thanked the Board for the new questions developed during the Executive Session. He encouraged additional research and evaluation surrounding the ongoing Oregon examination. He reported that eleven candidates are scheduled for October 3, 2003, and that the examination will also be administered on December 5, 2003.
    5. Legislative Committee: Knight reported that only two volunteers responded to the solicitation in the July newsletter to serve on this committee. Now that the 72nd Legislative Assembly has dismissed, it is time to begin thing of legislation for the next session.
    6. Outreach Committee: Orr distributed a draft document of criteria for reviewing applications from professors. Both Webb and McConnell had offered input to the draft document. Orr will now distribute the draft to and seek comments from the professors that participated in the Round Table discussion March 2003. Webb was alerted that OAR 809-030-0015(6) could undergo review as this change occurs.
    7. Professional Practice Committee: Michael distributed a revised draft of the Professional Practices Policy White Paper. He asked all Board members to read and offer input according to their practice areas and expertise. Members of the Board praised Michael’s effort in presenting this complex document.
    8. Hydrogeology Report Guideline Committee: Webb reported that the outline for the document is nearing completion. It will be distributed to all committee members shortly for additional input. When the outline passes scrutiny, the script will begin. Webb is hopeful that a draft document will be completed by the December meeting.
    9. Rules & Regulations Committee: Webb stated all inherited members of her committee were contacted about continued participation. No responses were received. She will seek out a few registrants to work with her on this committee. There are currently rules waiting for revision.

  1. AC 02 05 058: Peterson reported that he is compiling information for a meeting with DEQ.
  2. AC 02 06 210: Michael stated that he was in phone contact with the registrant and the registrant indicated that the White Paper on practice issues will be helpful in resolving the questions.
  3. AC 03 04 166: Knight reported that she had contacted the Board administrators of Washington, Idaho, and California as directed at the last Board meeting. An inactive status is not the standard in those states and is not the standard in this state either

  1. Compliance Matters: Hester reported that all compliance action was taken during the Compliance Committee report.
  2. Webb moved to approve the check log from #1831 to #1888. Seconded and approved.

Board Member Orr introduced a guest from Eugene, Kurt Katsura, RG. Knight recognized Pier Bartow, Klamath Falls, as a guest.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susanna Knight
(Minutes were approved at the December 10, 2003, Board Meeting)