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April 15 2008 Council Meeting Minutes
GRES Meet & Greet  - Preceding the April 15 meeting –  A GRES Meet & Greet .. staff introductions and discussion in a social setting.
Present:  Chris Bell, Chane Griggs, Perrin Damon, Kathi Riddell, Sandra Allen, Robert Hushof-Schmidt,Jim Scheppke, Arlene Weible, Crystal Knapp, Kate McGann (scribe)
Oregon150 report (Robert)
4-3-08 Researching Your Agency’s History workshops were held.  Workshops were presented by Oregon State Library and Oregon State Archives.   Opening remarks were made by Oregon 150 Committee members Wally Carson (am workshop) and First Lady Mary Oberst, (afternoon workshop).  Over 70 state agency employees attended the workshops.  Workshop evaluations indicated most attendees rated the workshops were very good or excellent.  An email list will be established for those who want to continue exchanging information.   The list will be hosted by OSL researcher, Dave Hegeman.
Updates (Robert)
Oregon Poetry Collection launches 4-25 at an evening celebration beginning at 6 PM in the State Library reference room.  Members of the Oregon Poetry Association have been invited and Oregon’s Poet Laureate Lawson Inada will be attending and reading.
Action item:  Robert will send an invitation to the GRES Advisory Council members.
OLA/WLA Library conference takes place April 16-April 18.  Robert is the conference program co-chair of this event.  Approximately 1100 will be attending.  Next year Robert will be the Conference Chairperson of this event.
Instant Messaging Reference Tool:  OSL library research staff are participating in a DAS 6 month pilot project in the use of a set of collaborative tools that includes Instant Messaging, WIKIs, and blogging.  The library is particularly interested in testing the Instant Messaging feature as a way to provide reference services to state agency patrons.  One potential drawback that needs tweaking is the ability to send a copy (transcript) of a conversation to a patron. 
Staffing:  A new business manager joins Oregon State Library management team.  Shawn Range a former BAM (Budget and Management trainee) has recently accepted this position at Oregon State Library.  Shawn’s professional knowledge and expertise should be a good match for this position.
Outreach & Training plan (Kate)
The group reviewed the Outreach and Training plan draft after input from the GRES team staff members.  Several points were raised –
Action item:  GRES workgroup will discuss and reprioritize all the plan activities at the May Outreach meeting.
Action item:  Robert will send a copy of the reprioritized and chronologically arranged activities will be made available to the GRES Advisory Council.
Item:  Displays (Building Capacity category) –  A discussion followed on the value of creating posters or using displays in agency’s to create awareness of library resources and services.  The group agreed that creating and posting posters in work areas throughout an agency building would be a good choice.  Kate mentioned that the workgroup wishes to update their 3 part display because the content is dated and the pieces a bit used looking.  Perrin mentioned the newer easy to carry and assemble display “screens” made for table tops that can be created and purchased for approximately $345.  Workgroup will further discuss the poster concept.
Action item:  Letter to Agency Heads & Managers:  Add to Management Letter a sentence about custom training and info brief opportunities.
Approved:  GRES Outreach and Training Plan was generally approved by the GRES Advisory Council.  Council members are encouraged to email members with questions or additional comments about the plan before the next meeting.
Needs Assessment Survey Review (Robert)
A draft of the OSL Needs Assessment survey was reviewed by the group.  Robert explained that the survey would be going out separately to two sample groups:  registered library users and non-registered library users.
The group contributed many suggestions to improve survey readability and usefulness. 
Suggestions include:
§          If possible make the top of the survey page say State Library Needs Assessment and make the “State Library eSurvey” smaller. 
§          End the survey by directing respondents to the State Employee Information Center page.
§          Among these suggestions were using “State Library” rather than “library”; including “not sure” as an answer choice in question number on.
§          Adding a page of definitions of different library services and resources which would be linked to appropriate survey choices for further respondent information.  Changing.
§          Email lists  - include alternate name listservs
§          Answer change use “not useful” or “never useful”
§          Creating a New Answer type for  choices under the question: How do you obtain articles; new answer type (often, sometimes, never)
§          Reword questions choices Digitized special archives-documents repository and Federal documents in electronic form.
GRES name change?  A proposal to change GRES name from Government Research and Electronic Services to Government Research Services was discussed.
Agreed:  Advisory Council concurs that GRS - Government Research Services would be a good
name change.
Wrap-up –
Next Meeting:  6-10-08
Parking lot:
§          GRES Advisory Council bylaws change as requested by State Library Board
Agenda items for next meeting:
§          Review Needs Assessment Survey results at next (6-10-08) Advisory Council meeting
§          Council Expansion ... what voices do we wish we had this past year?  Possibilities include – Natural Resources representative – perhaps Greg Aldrich?
§          Advisory Council meeting schedule check –Advisory Council Priorities Review –FY08/09
o        How often should we meet?
o        What are our priorities?
§          Discuss focus for future Advisory Meetings for 2009 fiscal year (added by Robert post 4-15-08 Advisory meeting)
Meeting adjourned - A motion was made by Chane Griggs and seconded by Kathi Riddell, unanimous consent followed.