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November 18, 2008 minutes
1.                  Introduction of staff and council members.
2.                  GRS Update:  Discussion of the move to the 3rd floor and the Governor and his staff’s move to the 2nd floor. 
New hires in GRS:  Scott Gilbert in ASU, Sarah Marsh in Technical Services, Heather Pitts (replacing Merrialyce Blanchard who retired in July) as the new Catalog Librarian.  Crystal Knapp resigned at the end of September; in the process of filling this position.  Lori Brady retired at the end of October; in the process of filling this position. 
Policy package for GRS will probably not make it through budget process, but there has been no recommended changes to our assessment as of yet.  There may be changes to the carry over budget.
Egov project:  In the process of writing and releasing the RFP new search engine software.  DAS pays for the software, server space, and hard tech support.  OSL is responsible for soft tech support.  The RFP is in review with the State CIO council and review board.  The goal is to have the RFP out in February; we need the new product in place in August.  The requirements piece was done before Crystal left.
3.                  3 year terms:  3 of 5 initial members are eligible for 3 year term as opposed to 2.  Chane Griggs, Chris Bell and Perrin Damon will have 3 year terms.
4.                  Interagency collaboration:  Sara Leinonen is spearheading this project with other libraries in state government.  Law Library at Justice is a legal library and the library for the Supreme Court.  ODOT, (Laura Wilt is the librarian) has mostly science and engineering materials in their collection and some historical resources.  Occupational Safety and Health library (Jane Kirby), and the Oregon State Library.  We want to collaborate with these libraries to provide materials to our patrons that they would be more able to provide.  Ex:  Standards which are very expensive and are very specific.  Some of these standards are owned by OSHA.  Currently trying to build a decision tree about what to purchase and collaborate with other state libraries who may already own the item, or may be appropriate for them to purchase for their own collections.  Perhaps a link to the catalogs of these libraries on the SEIC.  Also adding a layer to the vetting process for buying materials.  Doc Delivery will have more regular meetings with other agency libraries (this goes along with our charter project, the Capitol Librarians group).
5.                  Specialized Collections:  Wellness library came from PEBB which was defunded two legislations ago.  OSL took materials that fit within our mission.  During the first biennium PEBB gave $5000 towards growing the collection; this was not renewed.  There are no funds dedicated to and we are weeding it again; collection is shrinking.  What should we do with this collection?  Talk about phasing out the print wellness collection and subscribing to Books 24x7 and have an online Wellness Collection.  Cost would be $10,000 a year so the library would be unable to pay for it by ourselves.  Solution:  lobby PEBB to help pay for.  One wrinkle; OSL doesn’t serve Higher Education but PEBB does.  If they are going to help pay they would most likely want to make it available to that group.
High Performance Collection is oriented around workplace issues.  What do we do with this collection?  Focus collection and get it highlighted by the right people at the right time.  Maybe follow the model of Training Video collection?  (Trainers picked videos to go into the collection.)  Collection management project:  pick groups to target to market the collection to, perhaps at a gathering of agency managers (OSL, DHS, ODOT, and Employment are partnering to host the Diversity Conference).  Advisory Council will come up with names of people who would be good to help select materials for the High Performance Collection.
6.                  E-Resource update:  We had some budgeting problems concerning E-Resources.  GRS wanted to go before the Emergency Board to get funds to cover the budget shortfall for database renewals, ($1000, 000 short).  We didn’t have time to get it into a policy package for the 09-11 biennium.  The inflation factor for E-Resources has exceeded that allowed by the state.  The BAM analyst recommended package to cover our inflation difference will leave us with a $60,000 shortfall for the next biennium.  We have cut some of our databases and negotiated with some vendors to pay late, which would put us in the next biennium to help cover some of the expenses.  We would like to get a permanent inflation package built into our budget to counteract this in the future.
7.                  Outreach next steps:  GRS would like to find a way to market to a subset of state employees.  Which subset do we want to target and in which way?  Suggestions for audience:  people who have a research component to their job, managers, agencies that are underutilized.  Another suggestion was to look at the governor’s priorities and see what agencies missions encompass these priorities. 
Outreach marketing:  Target managers who manager researchers, then agencies who match with governor’s priorities.  If needed we can scope agencies that are underutilizing library services.  Robert will email these groups and Doc Delivery will track those agencies to see what the impact will be.
8.                  Governor’s Book Club:  Governor’s staff members would sponsor a book and the library would market that book across state agencies.  Perhaps OSL could create a fact sheet/web page that talks about how to run a book discussion group.
9.                  Next meetings:  February 17h, May 19th, and August 18h.  The August meeting would be a transitional meeting for new chair and 3rd year terms for selected members.