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Oregon Library Laws - Administrative Rules - Library Records: Generally
Oregon Administrative Rules
Chapter 166 - Secretary of State, Archives Division
It is the policy of the State of Oregon to assure the preservation of records essential to meet the needs of the state, its political subdivisions, and its citizens, and to assure the prompt destruction of records without continuing value. Unlawful destruction of any public record, regardless of medium or physical format, is a crime punishable under the provisions of ORS 162.305. Public records may be created and retained in a variety of media and physical formats, including but not limited to paper, microfilm, sound recordings, video recordings, magnetic tape and disk, and optical disk.
The purpose of these rules [(Divisions 10 through 300)] is to implement the provisions of ORS 192.005 to 192.170, and ORS 357.825 to 357.895, by providing procedures for the orderly retention and disposition of public records, regardless of medium or physical format; standards for appropriate use of microfilm and digital imaging; standards for the protection and storage of public records; and rules for the use of the State Archives, State Records Center, and Security Copy Depository. General Records Retention Schedules published as a part of these rules provide state and local agencies with the lawful authority to destroy or otherwise dispose of commonly occurring public records.
Definitions for Divisions 10 through 300
As used in these rules, "photocopy", "political subdivision", "public record", "public writings", and "state agency" are defined by ORS 192.005. As used in these rules unless otherwise required by context:
(1) "Archivist" means the State Archivist who serves under the Secretary of State and who administers the Archives Division which operates the State Archives the State Records Center, and the Security Copy Depository.
(2) "Agency" when used alone means either a state agency or a political subdivision.
(3) "Local Agency" means any officer, department, board, commission, or institution created by or under the jurisdiction of a political subdivision of this state.
(4) "Exempt Records" are documents which can be destroyed under ORS 192.170.
(5) "Excluded Records" are materials which are excluded from the definition of public records by ORS 192.005(5).
(6) "Permanent" public records are those deemed worthy of permanent preservation for legal, administrative, and research purposes.
(7) "Record copy" means the official copy of a public record when multiple copies exist.
(8) "Retention Schedule" means either a General Schedule published by the State Archivist in the OAR in which certain common public records are described or listed by title and a minimum retention period is established for each; or a Special Schedule approved by the State Archivist for the public records of a specific agency.
(9) "Retention Period" means the minimum length of time a public record must be retained as authorized by an applicable General or Special Schedule.