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Early Literacy Initiative - What libraries can do
What libraries can do
Topics covered in this section:
     - Early Literacy materials/collections
     - Atmosphere/children's environments
     - Programming
     - Training and staff development

A Framework for Action
Libraries serve an important role in promoting Early Literacy skills in babies, toddlers, and preschool children. Already, libraries promote these skills through access to books, storytimes, parenting information, knowledgeable staff, and much more. Through our regional meetings, conslutations, and research, we formulated a list - titled A Framework for Action - of several concrete ways public libraries can encourage children, parents, and caregivers to develop reading and language proficiency in four different areas:
A Framework for Action proposes "steps" of activities you can take to develop early literacy skills and awareness in your community: First Steps, Next Steps, and Giant Steps. Some libraries may have more defined early literacy programs than others. You may be starting a program (First Steps) or be improving an already great program (Giant Steps).
When you look through the lists of activities, check off those that you’re already doing. Even if you don’t have an Early Literacy program, you may be surprised by how much you’re already doing to prepare children to read for all three steps. And even if you’ve been working with Early Literacy for a long time, you may find ideas in First, Next, or Giant Steps that may help you enhance your activities. Regardless as to where you’re at in your program, we hope that this document inspires you to further help the children in your communities. And in helping the children, we hope to accomplish a vision we can all agree on.

VISION: All children ready to learn to read when they begin kindergarten.

You can download the entire framework, including recommended activities in all four areas as a handy checklist in a Microsoft Word document or a PDF document.

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