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A Monthly Newsletter from the Oregon State Library

Volume 23, Issue 8, August 2013

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Library Board News

State Library Board to Meet in Salem

The State Library Board will meet at the Oregon State Library in Salem on Thursday, August 29th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Board will review a bylaws change from the Government Research Services Advisory Council and hear recommendations from the LSTA Advisory Council. During their meeting, the Board will also hear an update on the Board procedure for the annual evaluation of the State Librarian and a State Library Transformation Report. An open forum will be held at 1:00 p.m. Anyone may address the Board at the open forum on any topic.

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State Library News

State Library Transformation in Progress

OSLAs you likely know, the Oregon State Library was directed in the 2013-2015 Governor’s Balanced Budget to reorganize in order to create a service delivery model that will minimize fragmentation and duplication of services in state government. The State Library received funding for the first year of the biennium, while its second year of funding is contingent upon the Legislature accepting the to-be-proposed transformation plan. As a result of the mandate, a steering committee was formed several months ago. The Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Miller, has taken on the project as Sponsor and the project is proceeding with an advisory committee, a project team, work groups, and a contracted project manager. The approximately twelve-member work groups are composed of a mix of OSL staff and stakeholders. Three work groups met over the last few weeks to evaluate current services – what is working well, what might need to be updated, accomplished with partners, moved, discontinued, or added? This week, the project team, composed of State Library staff, an OSL Board member, and the project manager, is meeting to compare the draft recommendations against stakeholder and staff surveys, completed in the last few months, and several relevant reports. Next steps include convening different work groups to focus on the “how” part of the implementation and presenting the plan to the Legislature when it meets in February. To stay in the loop, read the State Librarian’s blog, visit the Oregon State Library Transformation website for relevant documents, and watch for more information in future LTLO issues. Questions? Contact MaryKay Dahlgreen, State Librarian.

Call Early and Often for Help with Public Library Statistical Report

The FY12-13 Public Library Statistical Report is open at Bibliostat Collect. If you have not worked with Oregon’s Public Library Statistical Report, the most recent version is available via the Reporting Public Library Statistics page to view. Ann Reed is happy to walk you through the survey and offer strategies and advice. Please call or email Ann for help early and often at 503-378-5027 or check out the FAQ.

OSL Staffs Legislative Library During 2013 Session

CapitolOnce again, Oregon State Library staff were asked to supply reference services and staff the legislative library at the Oregon State Legislature for the recently concluded 2013 legislative session. The legislative library, located in Room 446 of the Capitol, is a small resource room containing a lengthy run of Oregon Laws, Oregon Revised Statutes, Senate/House Journals, Oregon Blue Books, and other supporting material. In addition, the library maintains a small number of public access computers that are heavily utilized by lobbyists and the general public during session. State library staff fielded nearly 750 reference questions during the session and assisted many patrons in using the new Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS) legislative tracking resource. Responding to an ongoing need for a means to track and provide access to mandated reports requested by the Legislature, OSL staff kept the Reports to the Oregon State Legislature blog populated and kept nearly 700 subscribers to the legislative library news feed informed about newly added reports. Along with legislative leadership, we also conducted training during an evening presentation, Citizen’s Guide to the Legislative Process, held back in February. Even though the legislative library is closed during interim, OSL staff continues to supply reference services to the Legislature on a daily basis. As a result of our ongoing and session partnership, OSL staff developed a clearer sense of the Legislative process, developed relationships with Legislative staff, lobbyists and the general public, with all benefiting from onsite access to library staff.

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Other Library News

Bikers Invade the Library

CycleOregonTwo thousand or more bike riders might be coming through your town with Cycle Oregon. This is a great chance to showcase your library. Ashland was one of six towns that hosted Cycle Oregon this past September and it was fun. This week-long bike ride of 400+ miles is considered one of the best in the country. How did the library get involved? Reference staff helped in the Chamber of Commerce information booth. Other volunteers there were surprised to see how resourceful we could be, how quickly we found answers to the many travelers’ questions, (and not just about where to eat the best dinner in town). Travelers were glad to hear about free wifi and computers at the library and they came in droves to use them. For little effort on our part, it was great outreach to the community and to fellow Oregonians. And it was really fun. (Thanks to Amy Blossom, Ashland Branch Library, Jackson County Library Services for this article).

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