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January 20 2011 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
TBABS Advisory Council Meeting Oregon State Library January 20, 2011
In attendance: Sharon Baker, Kitt Jordan, Angel Hale, Elizabeth Della-Santina, Carolynn Avery, Leone Holden, John Brown, Marsha Mee, Susan Weston, JimScheppke, Robin Speer
Meeting brought to order 10:02AM
New member introduction: Elizabeth Della-Santina
Approval of previous minutes: fixed Carolynn’s name; minutes approved
State Librarian Report
  • We are not sure yet what Gov Kitzhaber is recommending for his budget
§  We have proposed a budget that continues business as usuall (board’s recommendation)
§  We will know something on February 1st when the governor releases his proposed budget
§  Jim will communicate with the Advisory Council when the budget is released
§  SB-111 NFB-Newsline funding
§  Bill has been introduced on behalf of OLS Board of Trustees
§  Would provide permanent funding for NFB-Newsline in Oregon using PUC funds
§  Would also add three new Oregon newspapers (Southern, Central, and Eastern)
§  Governor Kitzhaber has yet to decide whether or not to support this bill
§  Support has been gained from several state senators
o   Smartphones and audio books
§  State Library directors passed a resolution asking NLS to make audio books available on smartphones through the use of apps
§  Appears they have gotten some signal from NLS that they are considering changing their position
o   Standards for Talking Book Service
§  The NLS is in the revision process for these standards
§  We have commented on the draft
·         Reference services should not be required
o   Patrons can probably be better served by a public library
·         Handing over responsibility for magazines on digital to regional libraries
o   We don’t have the funding to pick up this mandate
·         Each regional library is required to have a friend’s group
o   We haven’t had one and don’t feel we need on at this time
·         If quality standards are met, local books can be added to BARD
o   We like this standard
§  If you would like to look at the standards, let Jim know
·         Carolynn and Elizabeth would like to see it
§  How do we communicate the availability of PL reference services to our patrons?
·         Newsletter article
§  What would a friend’s group do that the AC doesn’t do already?
·         Not much; would help with fund raising, but we do that by ourselves now
Fund Development Report
o   We are up from last 2009 Fall Appeal by $14,161
o   Are we still pursuing monthly automatic donation options?
§  We need to do more research for credit card payments
§  People can set up their own auto-payments through their bank or PayPal
Program Manager Report
o   Digital Transition
§  Over 5,000 patrons solidly for the past 2 months
§  56% of books circulated are digital (physical books and BARD downloads)
§  We have received our last shipment of cassette books
§  78% of patrons have digital players
·         We are systematically going through the list of people without a player
o   If they are in good standing, they get a player
o   If they have overdues, they are contacted
o   If their book circulation is inactive, they are contacted
§  Unabridged only users especially
o   BARD Update
§  816 patrons total / 650 active
§  53,412 items have been downloaded (books and magazines)
§  21% of people with digital players have BARD accounts / 16% active
§  16% of all patrons have BARD accounts
 What is the largest source of volunteers?
·         Professional volunteers, community service volunteers, and work-experience volunteers
What magazines are available on both NFB-Newsline and BARD?
·         We will have to check into that
o   NLS will be celebrating their 80th anniversary this year
§  Encouraging regional libraries are encouraged to celebrate throughout the year
§  Suggestions for how to celebrate:
·         Radio announcements
·         Longest active user in Oregon
·         Newsletter announcement
Long Range Plan Review
·         Goal 1: To get as many people as we can to sign up
·         Goal 2: Use new technology
·         Goal 3: Foster good relationships with partner agencies, organizations and groups
·         Goal 4: Keep up good customer service satisfaction
·         Goal 5: Maintain stable and secure funding from multiple sources
·         Goal 6: Ensure the best use of available resources
·         Goal 7: Looking at our staffing and volunteer level
·         How are we ensuring we get overdues back from patrons who move to care centers or hospitals and don’t return?
o   Educate care centers to make sure they know how to return materials
o   Be on the lookout for materials that should be returned
·         Outreach to retirement centers?
o   We have Elke doing as much outreach as she can
o   Patrons starting up low-vision groups at a facility
o   Articles to go in retirement center newsletters advertising our services
·         Other partnerships to pursue?
o   DHS
o   Lyons Clubs
o   Rotary Clubs
o   Speakers other than staff (volunteer speakers bureau)
o   Senior Centers / Independent Living Centers
o   Monthly / Quarterly conference calls for patrons to hear about TBABS news
o   Students and schools / regional ESDs
o   Dept of Education
Open Forum
o   How are books selected?
§  Books are selected by the NLS
·         Look through a variety of sources for recommendations
·         Continuation of series
·         Collection management very similar to public libraries
§  Oregon author books
·         We choose approximately 3-4 books a year
Next Meeting
·         Thursday, May 5, 10-12noon
Meeting adjourned 11:38AM