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January 28 2010 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
TBABS Advisory Council Meeting Oregon State Library January 28, 2010
Meeting officially began at 10:05AM
Attendance at the Advisory Council Meeting: Carolynn Avery, Frank Synground, John Brown, Jan Chance, Sharon Baker, Kitt Jordan, Marcia Mee, Annis Holsworth
Absent:  Leone Holden
Staff:  Robin Speer, Elke Bruton, Jim Scheppke, Susan Westin, Joel Henderson (recorder)
The Advisory Council welcomed new member Jan Chance representing ACB - American Council for the Blind
It was decided that times needed to be added to the previous minutes; amendment moved by Annis, seconded by Sharon; approved.
State Librarian Report
  1. The State Library is pleased by the election results ensure an approximate 800 million dollar budget shortfall is covered
    • Any potential threats to TBABS’s budget and services avoided
    • No known library business in the upcoming short legislative session
      • The Board is very pleased with the progress
  2. State Library Board Retreat on December 3, 2009
    • Susan Westin gave a report on the TBABS digital transition
    • §  The Board is confident that TBABS will meet its goal of sending digital machine to everyone who wants one within 18 months.
    • §  95% of veterans have been serviced with new digital machines, new patrons have started receiving digital machines, and we are sending the remainder to regular patrons (centenarians were not mandated to be served first; veterans were mandated to be first)
Fund Development Report - Robin
  1. Donation funds have been collected as follows:
    • 2010 Calendar                    $18,332.84
    • 2009 Calendar                    $17,437.95
    • Fall 09 Appeal (11/09 – 1/10)      $27,011.00
    • Fall 08 Appeal (11/08 – 1/09)      $32,395.00
    • Bequeaths (7/1/09 – 6/30/10)      $108,915.04
      • The campaign for membership in the Irene Price Society will kick off with two mailings in the near future
        • Mid-February to about 100 of our older donors who regularly give $100+ per year
      • TBABS will access the activity we receive and more forward accordingly
        • Mandated by legislature to fund one TBABS SLS1 position in 09-11 biennium
      • Doesn’t need to be the same information each time, but some mention
      • Interest is primarily the money that is spent
  2. Planned Giving – Irene Price Society: named after a deceased patron whose husband left a large portion of his states to TBABS in memory of his wife.  This bequest made it possible to establish the TBABS Endowment Fund.  Today it is a permanent fund to ensure that TBABS services remain available.
    • TBABS is recruiting donors to make plans for a bequeath to TBABS Endowment Fund
    • Mid-June to donors who five less that $100 per year
  3. Mentions of Fund Development in Newsletter?
  4. Recommendation from the Advisory Council that there should be a regular portion of each Newsletter devoted to Fund Development
  5. There was no exact balance of Endowment Fund brought to meeting
  6. State Library Board had control over the funds
  7. About $800,000 (estimate)
  8. Funds are mostly reinvested
  9. Used about $70,000 to purchase cartridges for new digital books
Question: Are we still purchasing DVXs?
  1. Not really
  2. DVDs are not a viable option
  3. Only 2-3 circular daily
TBABS Program Manager Report
  1. Digital transition is in full swing
    • Approximately 750 players out in the field
      • Very positive responses
      • As mentioned, 95% of veterans have been served with a new digital player
        • Other 5% not in good enough standing to receive a new digital machine at this time
    • As of Dec 1st, all new patrons have been receiving digital players
    • 1700 people still on waiting list
      • List is maintained on a first-come, first-served basis
    • On average TBABS receives 172 players per month from NLS
      • This fact means in another 10 months TBABS will be through waiting list as it stands today
    • Children also getting digital players (usually advanced model)
      • Because school for blind closed
      • RFB&D and BARD can be played on digital players
    • People who cannot physically use cassette player have also been receiving digital players
      • Rare cases
      • Taken on case-by-case basis
      • Hopefully will help them maintain their patronage
    • Our system now looks for digital copies for cassette books on request list if they are not available on cassette
    • TBABS is anticipating transition of administration of BARD from NLS to us within the next month
      • TBABS will be directly responsible for approving patrons for service
    • Any file in MP3 format can be played on digital player
      • Makes it easier to record audio and transfer the recording around to devices (i.e. lectures)
      • Helps us know how many copies to make in order to satisfy requests for high demand books
    • We will be sending personalized letters to people with long requests lists letting them know they can call in and update and renew their request list
      • Something to consider in the future, but only after cleanup
    • About 10% of patrons (approximately 500 people) have high requests lists (50 and above)
  2. Request Lists Cleanup
  3. TBABS is proposing that after 1 year requests drop off the system so people are just getting what they currently want
  4. Hoping to make the request process more manageable
  5. After personalized contacts, the general patron base will be notified
  6. The Advisory Council suggested that we stick with 1 year; motioned by Sharon, seconded by Kitt; approved
  7. Once we get the request list cleaned up, does TBABS go back to first in, first out for requests?
Question: How is Unabridged going?
  1. Looks like TBABS is the second-highest circulation state in the consortium
  2. Unabridged is working on creating a collection of MP3 so they can be played on digital players
  3. They are also working on a list of books with no maximum downloads
NFB-Newsline Legislative Concept  – Susan
  1. The premise is to work with PUC and get funding from Residential Service Protection Fund to cover the cost of Newsline (current and 3 extra papers)
  2. Medford Mail, Bend Bulletin, East Oregonian would be added
  3. See previous meeting minutes for info of last attempt at securing funding (SB849)
  4. Idea here is to come back with same general concept as SB849
    • Difference here is that money goes from PUC to OCB
      • Helps OCB match federal dollars
    • Also, it would be ongoing, not just one year
    • Would go from OSL board to Governor’s Office to be a Governor introduced bill
      • There may be a surplus in funds at the PUC, so it may not be much of an issue with them.
  5. Question: would we get pushback from PUC if telecommunications surcharge portion of the NFB-Newsline cost increases each year?
    • TBABS will work on wording the proposed bill in such a way that the PUC is obligated to pay for the service regardless of the cost (increase or not)
  6. Recommend by the Advisory Council that the OSL Board submit this concept to the Governor: motioned by John, seconded by Jan; approved
Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities – Frank & Susan
  1. Many states have advisory councils similar to ours
  2. However, some have more pro-active groups
    • Do outreach speaking engagements
    • Advertise and demonstrate services like NFB-Newsline and BARD
  3. Susan will send out a copy of by-laws to Advisory Council members
Open Forum
  1. Question: recording of Oregon books
    • Idaho will be recording Jane Kirkpatrick books
      • Recording them in digital
    • May be putting a survey out in a future newsletter asking patrons what they may be interested in
  2. We are in the final stages of redesigning the new brochures
    • Hoping to do a mass advertising campaign in the next few months
Next meeting
  1. Decided on May 6, 2010 at 10:00AM
Meeting adjourned at 11:41