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September 15 2009 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
TBABS Advisory Council Meeting Oregon State Library September 15, 2009
In Attendance:  Gail Gibbard, Annis Holsworth, Carolynn Avery, Marcia Mee, Frank Synogound, Sharon Baker, Kitt Jordan and John Brown
Absent: Leone Holden
Staff:  Jim Scheppke,  Elke Bruton, Susan Westin, Marion Bryson (recorder)
After minor changes in previous minutes were brought forward, Carolynn Avery moved to approve; Marcia Mee seconded.
Agenda Items:
Jim’s Report
The OSL Budget for the 2009-2011 biennium was approved; OSL had a 2% increase in the budget over the last biennium. One position was lost in TBABS (vacant position); one SLS1 position in TBABS is funded from the interest on the Endowment Fund.
Senate Bill 849 (SB849) did not pass through the legislature. The proposed bill would have used movies from the Residential Service Protection Fund at the PUC to pay for NFB-NEWSLINE. OSL, OCB, and NFB of Oregon will continue to fund NEWSLINE, at least for the first year of the biennium. There is a need for the partners to meet and strategize for secure, future funding. There is continued interest in having PUC fund  NFB-Newsline, and also a need for additional Oregon newspapers to be included in the NEWSLINE menu.
The first shipment of digital players was shipped to patrons last week.
Susan’s Report
The RFP to redo our promotional materials was sent out; the contract should be awarded this week to a Tigard company. The large print calendar is ready to ship. Our Team Charter has been completed - the major focus is to increase our patron base, and to work on developing relationships with the schools.
There will be an ACB (American Council of the Blind) conference upcoming in October.
Jim will be attending the NFB conference in October.
In August Elke attended the  4-day Blinded Veterans’ Conference in Portland. TBABS had the distinction of representing NLS at this conference as well. Digital players and digital books were displayed and there was great interest and enthusiasm from visitors. Elke spoke with the vendor who will be providing the cartridges, and other pertinent vendors who learned a great deal of information from us. Elke is open to outreach opportunities as they arise.
Annual Fund Development Report
$241,927.00 was raised in donations for 2008/2009. $97,000.00 of this amount came from bequests. Our expenses for that time period totaled $82,974.00, the bulk of which was for customer service enhancements (Oregon READS, NFB-NEWSLINE, Unabridged, Oregon narration). From interest on the Endowment Fund we were able to purchase digital cartridges and a new print/Braille Brailler machine.
Digital Transition
Susan reported that the first shipment of digital players and digital books were mailed out last week. Thus far we have 104 digital players, with about 80 to come. No comments or complaints from any patrons thus far. Full production of the digital players will not begin until October. Our biggest concern is that we do not yet have enough digital books to send out. We only have 210 digital books (books, not titles) on the shelf at this time. We currently have 9000 cartridges, but no boxes yet to ship them in. There is a production problem with the boxes, but they should be coming soon. We are working on the labeling for the cartridges. NLS is allowing multiple books to be downloaded on flash cartridges, so we are working on a process for that.
Council Discussion Notes
In January Talking Book Topics will begin including digital titles in the catalog. For the time being only 2 digital titles will be allowed per patron; the books must be returned and checked back in before we can send replacements. As our collection grows we may allow more per patron, but that may take some time. We have downloaded the retro collection (approx 14 – 15,000 books) on external drives so that we can quickly get books out to patrons as the need arises. In the next couple of months TBABS will be responsible for administering BARD. There will be a direct link to BARD for downloading books through the catalog if a patron has download capabilities. This is an exciting option for interested patrons. TBABS is the first LBPH library in line to get the new MARC records overlay in the catalog; there are some problems to work out with KLAS before it will be fully available.
Advanced Digital Players
TBABS hasn’t yet determined which patrons will get an advanced machine. Only 25% of all players coming in are the advanced model. The current line of thinking is that most patrons who use BARD probably will not want or need a machine if they have a Victor Reader. We will work with the ESD’s and schools so kids can get advanced players which will be to their advantage.
As previously mentioned, SB 849 did not pass which would have allowed for a PUC fund to pick up the tab. We have 814 patrons currently registered. During database calls, staff reviews enhancements with patrons who express interest; check to see if those registered with NEWSLINE are using it. We will also be doing an audit of all of our enhancements soon, per our team charter. As previously mentioned we are interested in having a dialogue with our partners about NEWSLINE.
Next Council Meeting
Susan proposed waiting until January, 2010, for the next meeting. Council members agreed; Susan will get more information to Council about possible dates.
Carolynn moved to adjourn; adjournment at 11:15 a.m.