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November 2008 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
TBABS Advisory Council Meeting
Oregon Commission for the Blind
November 5, 2008
Council Members Present:  Doris Grolbert, Frank Synoground, Marcia Mee
Council Members via Telephone:  Sharon Baker, Annis Holsworth, Kit Jordan, Elizabeth Rousseau-Rooney
OSL Staff Preset:  Susan Westin, Elke Bruton, and Jim Scheppke (via telephone) Diana Purdie (recorder)
Call to Order/Introductions
The meeting was called to order at 1:30.  There were no changes to the agenda.
Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the September 17, 2008 meeting were approved.
State Librarian’s Report: Jim Scheppke
Jim reported that he was unable to attend the meeting because of a visitor from Xiamen University Library in China.  Congratulations were given to Doris for the election results for Clackamas County; she had a key role in that.  This is Doris’s last TBABS Advisory Council Meeting after serving eight years on the council. 
The State Library budget was submitted to the Governor in August, and the Governor will release his budget in December.  The state revenue forecast is not good, but it is hopeful that when the budget comes out the TBABS budget will be adequate and not reduced.  The Board supports the budget and there has been no indication that the Governor does not support it either.  This will be discussed more when the budget comes out.
The Memorandum of Understanding between the Chief Officers of State Library and National Library of Congress is still in the hands of National Library of Congress attorneys.  It is hopeful that this will be successfully negotiated in the next few months.
Some brief discussion of whether the state should be a source or gateway for downloadable books, and the answer was a gateway.  A question was asked about possibly recording the Chautauqua luncheon lectures.  This will require some more looking into.
TBABS Manager Report
Doris Grolbert will be leaving the Advisory Council so will looking for a new Public Library representative.  Doris suggested to look outside the Clackamas County area. 
The Fall appeal is going out in Mid-November.  Clyde Mullin who is a TBABS machine repair volunteer and contributor will be signing the letter.
A note from the Library of Congress has announced that Plextor has been awarded the contract of producing the digital players.  They will be producing
20, 000 per month.  The cost of the machines will be $157.00.  A demo player is expected in February of 2009, and players are expected to arrive in May 2009.
It is expected that there will be enough players to satisfy patron’s needs in about 18 months, but enough cartridges will be needed.
The letter for digital players to non-veterans will be going out in the spring.
Susan is attending the NFB conference in Medford November 8 and will be showing the digital players on loan off at various locations. 
Long RangePlan
  • Approval on changing plan from a 10 year to a five-year plan. 
  • Revise the vision statement
  • Review and approve the new goals
Long Range Plan duration
The TBABS Program Manager made a proposal to change the duration of the long range plan from 10 years to 5 years.  Due to the rapid changes in technology and the working environment, five years out is workable time frame.
The proposal was passed. 
Vision Statement
Needs to be more patrons centric.
Proposed suggestions “Everyone with print disabilities may read” is an adaptation from the NLS slogan “that all may read”.
There was a discussion of whether or not the vision statement fulfills and aligns with the mission statement.
 The council decided upon “Library Services enrich the lives of all blind and print disabled Oregonians
The New Goals
Goal 1:  To serve more eligible Oregonians
Goal 2: To use new technologies to improve and expand our services
Goal 3: To foster mutually beneficial relationships with federal, state and regional partners
Goal 4: To achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
Goal 5: To secure and sustain stable and diversified funding
Goal 6: To ensure the best use of available resources
The goals were discussed and approved.
It was discussed that at this meeting only the goals were being discussed at this time and not the strategies.  Broad goals are established and then taken to the board; the objectives/strategies are done on a team level.  The council will want to know the high points in the spring meeting.
Next Meeting Date
March 17, 2009 10:00 at OSL
Meeting was adjourned.