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Advisory Council Minutes
September Minutes
Advisory Council Minutes 9/6/06
OR Commission for the Blind
Present:  Jim Scheppke, Susan Westin, Adrienne Steele, Dan Long
Frank Synoground, Marica Mee, Tina Hansen,
Sharon Baker (via telephone),  and Doris Grolbert
Minutes:  Andrea Blake
Changes to the agenda:  Frank asked to include a discussion of his upcoming trip to Washington D.C. for Digital Equipment Advisory Committee.  Decided to discuss during Open Forum
The June 1, 2006 minutes approved.  Frank called the meeting to order at 9:35.
State Librarian’s Report:  Michael Moodie, the Assistant Director of NLS, who was in charge of Digital project, is no longer with NLS.   Asked Frank to bring up this issue next week at the DC meeting.  In March, NLS announced that they would be releasing a new strategic plan but as of yet no new plan has been forthcoming.
Jim attended a meeting in Seattle, where the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library is talking about moving their operations from Seattle Public to the State Library in Olympia.  May have opportunities to collaborate with the Washington Talking Book Program, specifically with regards to their narration program.
TBABS Program Manager’s Report:  In June our Customer Service Survey was completed.  We scored a 99% overall.  All numbers looked good, though in the area of information availability we could use some improvement.  Analysis of this:  the question seems to have confused some people.  One solution is to explore using email/listservs more.
Fund Development Officer-haven’t filled this position as of yet.  Jim and Susan are calling around trying drum up candidates.  Problem stems from the fact that it is a half time position only.  Matt Senecal was contracted to assist with the Spring Appeal, which didn’t go out until June.  Proceeds from that will be counted on the 2006-2007 fiscal year.  As of August 31st we raised $31,000.  The next appeal will go out in November.  We did receive a bequest of $25,000.  The deceased’s son has agreed to write the fall letter.
Voter’s Guide will be packaged and sent out October 5th.  Planning to use Willamette students to assist with that.  Have done a mass mailing about what format patrons would prefer the guide to be sent in.  In future upload the guide to NEWSLINE?   Susan will meet with Gene Newton to demo NEWSLINE and see if that might be a possibility for the future. 
Received a second book from New Mexico State Library, Bait and Switch.  The third one should be coming in a month or so.  TBABS has purchased a number of MP3 players (Creative Muvo), to be used as a promotional item for Unabridged.  We currently have 713 patrons signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE. The TBABS Fall Newsletter will be up on the website as of tomorrow.  We now have a new application, which has a section for NFB-NEWSLINE. 
Radio/TV ads-TBABS paid for $15,000 in airtime.  Our goal was to have $45,000 returned, the actual amount was $182,743, $137,743 was over-delivered, a ratio of more than 12 to 1.  The actual responses from the campaign was not as great as expected, but have plans to run the campaign again in winter when more people are at home watching TV.  There are some other issues as well, some stations wanted a 30 second spot and ours is a 60 second spot.  More work to do.  
What direction does the Council want to go with regards to the Oregon Disabilities Commission representative who will be timing off the Advisory Council?  Should we continue working with them or go in another direction?  Add another Senior Citizen-At-Large?  Other suggestions get a representative from DHS-Seniors and Persons with Disabilities and a parent of a minor.  Agreement that Susan would work on recruiting 3 new Council members:  a senior citizen, a representative from DHS-Seniors & Persons with Disabilities and a parent of a minor.
Bylaws:  Changes to article 3, section 3, number D.  Change to “representatives from State Agencies are not subject to term limits”.  No objections to this.  Take “secretary” out and insert “State Library” with regards to scheduling meetings and setting agenda.
Article 5, section 6.  Teleconference members considered part of quorum.  Once quorum has been set then it is in place until the close of the meeting.  Council will vote on changes at the next meeting.
LongRangePlan:  Update on where TBABS stands at this time.  Jim would like to see information about circulation numbers for DVX.  Exploring funding for consultant on how to advertise new digital technology.   Work on relationships with public libraries and marketing.  Decided to use Advisory Council to go over and revise Long Range Plan, have Sara Behrman facilitate the discussion. 
Annual Fund Development Report 2005-2006:  $92,000 raised during this time.  Didn’t hit our target due to Spring appeal going out in July.  Spent $63,000.  It takes 30 cents to raise a dollar.  Didn’t spend money on IRIS, project still on hold.
Open Forum:  Frank will be attending the National Audio Equipment Advisory Committee next week.  Suggestions of things to bring up during meeting:  why can’t we have NLS content for Unabridged, what is the timeline on the Master Plan and distribution lists (when will this be available), will there be two types of machines (an easy and advanced version).
Suggestion for the next Newsletter, include Emergency Preparedness info.  Perhaps do it as a special mailing, co-sponsored by the Oregon Commission for the Blind and then prefaced by Senator Avel Gordly.
Next Meeting:  Thursday, November 16th at the State Library at 9:30 am.  Those who wish can be present via teleconference.
Meeting Adjourned