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Advisory Council Minutes
Oregon State Library TBABS Advisory Council Meeting
June 1, 2006, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
At the Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street NE
Salem OR 97301
In attendance Tina Hansen, Frank Synoground,  Jim Scheppke, Dan Long, Marcia Mee, Adrienne Steele, Susan Westin,  Eugene Newbill (recorder).
In attendance via teleconference: Sharon Baker, Annis Hollsworth
Excused absence: Doris Grolbert. Unexcused absence: Lucinda Organ.
Introductions of those in attendance took place.
An overview of the agenda was done, no modification needed.
Minutes of the 3-16-2006 Advisory meeting approved.
Adrienne Steele provided those in attendance with a brief biography of how she came to be a patron of Talking Book and Braille Services.
State Librarian’s ReportJim Scheppke reported that the 1.5 year old Unabridged Digital Audio Book program has had additional states join the cadre of participates: Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Northern California. Discussions are taking place regarding using NLS content with Unabridged.
Jim reported the State Library 2007-2009 Budget is being prepared to be submitted to the Governor’s Office. A meeting is scheduled for June 16, 2006 of the State Library Board of Trustees for a review of the proposed budget prior to submission. The TBABS budget being submitted shows an increase of 14.6 percent over the current budget. No change to current staffing or to the space for TBABS is recommended.  The proposed budget for the 07-09 biennium is $1,789,648.00.
TBABS Program Manager Report
Susan Westin reported the TBABS Customer Satisfaction Survey is underway.
Susan reported the Fund Development Officer position is currently vacant. The team went through recruitment and was unsuccessful in hiring for the position. The recruitment will be re-opened in the near future.
The spring 2006 Donation Appeal was postponed due to the delay in filling the Fund Development position. Matt Senecal will be preparing the Spring Appeal for TBABS and it is expected to be out in June.
The audio voters’ guide was distributed in April with the assistance of volunteers.
Susan attended the National Library Service conference in Portland, Maine and shared information regarding the Digital Talking Book player and implementation plans.
Proposed Donation Fund Expenditure Plan 2006-2007
Susan reviewed the Expenditure Plan document highlighting and describing the expenditure items. The proposed expenditure amount is $125,100.
The Advisory Council expressed concern about the line item for IRIS. The Council recommended a comprehensive review of the progress prior to full participation in this program. The Council will request an updated presentation from Jerry Delaunay when that time comes.
The Oregon Talking Book Collection is being enhanced with materials written by Oregon authors recorded at the New Mexico State Library. We have received the first book Portland Confidential:Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Rose Cityby Phil Stanford.  There are an additional 4 books to be recorded for the current contact. The contract and funding periods for this program need to be reviewed and aligned.
The National Federation for the Blind (NFB) telephone accessible product NFB-NEWSLINE is a proposed enhancement to the patrons of TBABS. The $26k cost to be shared by the NFB of Oregon, TBABS, and the Oregon Commission for the Blind. Susan provided a demonstration of NFB-NEWSLINE to the Council. There is a registration process to use the NFB-NEWSLINE product.
Public Service Announcement
Jim Scheppke provided a demonstration of the Radio and Television promotions to the Council. These promotional advertisements will run every other week through June and placed in the best spots the stations can find for unsold time.
Demonstration of Playaway
Tina Hansen provided the Council a demonstration of the self contained audio book system called Playaway. Each Playaway contains one audio book. The system has a headphone jack and navigation keys to play, stop, bookmark, etc. Tina reported many public libraries are excited and using this technology. TBABS will wait and further evaluate this system prior to any commitment in the Playaway direction.
Open Forum
Susan inquired of the members of the Advisory Council if they would like to receive the electronic version of the Letters to Libraries Online (LTLO) or the Board of Trustees board packet. Frank Synoground and Tina Hansen would like to have the LTLO publication sent to them. No members of the Council expressed an interest in receiving a copy of board packet.
Susan also inquired of the Council if any were interested in being interviewed for a potential article following up on the heels of the media promotion. Adrienne Steele and Sharon Baker said they would participate. Marcia Mee will consider her participation.
Next Meeting
September 7, 2006, 9:30am- Noon, at the OCB offices in Portland.
Transportation will be arranged for those in Salem.