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March 2006 Advisory Council Minutes
TBABS Advisory Council
March  16, 2006
Oregon State Library
In Attendance: Marcia Mee, Jim Scheppke, Annie Holsworth, Tina Hansen and Susan Westin
Teleconference: Sharon Baker and  Doris Grolbert
Excused absence:  Frank Synoground, Dan and Sara Long
Absent:  Lucy Organ
Guest:  David Whittall, NLS
Doris called the meeting to order at 10:00
The November 17, 2005 minutes were approved.
The State Library Board appointed Marcia Mee to the Advisory Council at the December, 2005 meeting.  She is representing the Reading Disabled community.  Marcia gave a brief report on her background.
The vice chair position has been vacant since Nolan Crabb left in 2004.  Sharon nominated Frank Synground to the position of vice chair and Marcia seconded.  Motion passed.  Susan will contact Frank to notify and get his acceptance of the position.
State  Librarian Report
The Oregon State Library and the OSL Board is currently involved in the 2007-2009 budget cycle.  The budget committee has met once and has looked at the long-range goals and strategies.  The long-range goal for TBABS is Improve, adapt and market talking book and Braille services and maintain user satisfaction for eligible Oregonians.  The strategies the fall under the TBABS goal are: 1. Increase circulation and number of registered borrowers through marketing and service enhancements, 2. Use partnerships to implement new talking book technologies and 3. Continue fund development activity, focusing on planned giving and building the TBABS endowment fund.   The goal and strategies are what we have now for the 2005-07 biennium.  Jim invited feedback on the goal and strategies either now or later.  The deadline for the 2007-2009 budget to Governor’s office is August 2006. 
Oregon has the largest user base of the Unabridged project with a membership of about 180 members.  Four new states, TX, OH, MA, and Northern CA,  have been added to Unabridged.
TBABS Program Manager
We are in the process of interviewing for the fund development position. 
Donation Fund is at $82,253.11 and the spring appeal will be out in the next month or so.  Braille project -  We are about half way completed in boxing and shipping materials overseas.  SOS Voter's Guide:  The first step of the project has been completed, the introduction letter has been sent to the patrons.  This letter explains the project and allows people to either opt out or select an alternate format.  The Voter’s Guide itself will be sent in April.
TBABS Annual Donation Fund -  Susan reviewed the status of each line item on the 2005-07 donation fund expenditure report.
David Whittall, National Library Services Representative
David gave a brief history of NLS.  David then talked about the new digital program that will be rolling out in 2008.  In 2007 approximately 1000 digital talking books will be made available on the NLS website.  The books will be available to download to their computer and then transferred to a flash cartridge.  David explained what the new machines will look like and how they will operate.   In 2008, 50,000 machines will be available nationwide, Oregon will be receiving approximately 800.  The cartridge itself will be ¾ inch thick and about the size of deck of cards and hold 256mb of information.  About 90% of the collection will fit on a 256mb cartridge.    The cost of the flash cartridge will be about $7.00 and will be reusable.  NLS is looking at hybrid situation will be 20% at local library and 80% at central point.  The hybrid situation will be available in 2010 or 2011.   Questions:  Instructions will be built into machine, sleep switch – shut machine down after 30 minutes of playing, the size of  the new machine will be about the size of a Braille lite machine.  In  2008 – 50,000 machines will be made available with production ramping up through 2011.  NLS is anticipating saturation by 2012.  Magazines will eventually be made available in digital format. 
Bylaws -  Susan, Frank and Doris will review the bylaws.

Next meetings will be Thursday in the afternoon either May 18th, 25th
or June 1st.  Susan will take a survey of Council members to determine a date.