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Descriptive Video Catalog: History
The All-American Pastime
First Inning: Our Game
DVX 79

Second Inning: Something Like a War
DVX 80

Fourth Inning: A National Heirloom
DVX 82

Fifth Inning: Shadow Ball
DVX 83

Sixth Inning: The National Pastime
DVX 84

Seventh Inning: The Capital of Baseball
DVX 85

Eighth Inning: The Whole New Ballgame
DVX 86

Ninth Inning: Home
DVX 87

The American Experience
The American Experience - Amelia Earhart: The Price of Courage
DVX 88
A biographical portrait that explores the life of "The First Lady of the Air" and the remarkable publicity machine that kept her constantly in the limelight.
The American Experience - America and the Holocaust
DVX 89
This film looks at how the American government dismissed allegations of extermination of the Jews as a "wild rumor" and how political pressure led to the creation of the War Refugee Board which resulted in saving 200,000 Jews.
The American Experience - The Battle of the Bulge
DVX 90
Packed with mesmerizing footage from newsreels and military archives, this documentary captures the single biggest and bloodiest battle in U.S. military history.
The American Experience - Eisenhower
DVX 91
Chronicling the life of the 34th president in two parts - "Soldier" and "Statesman" - this film depicts Ike as both the man and the world leader.
The American Experience - FDR
Volume 1 - The Center of the World 1882-1921 
DVX 92
Volume 2 - Fear Itself 1921-1933
DVX 93
Volume 3 - The Grandest Job in the World 1933-40
DVX 94
Volume 4 - The Juggler 1940-1945
DVX 95
This four-volume set looks at the man who dared to wrest America from the snare of the Great Depression, rescue Europe from the clutches of Hitler and change forever America's ideas about the presidency.
The American Experience - The Kennedys: The Early Years 1900-1961
DVX 97
This in-depth documentary examines the shaping of the Kennedy fortune and dynasty. Part 1 focuses on the patriarch and master builder, Joseph P. Kennedy, and his expectations for his four sons.
The American Experience - The Kennedys: The Later Years 1962-1980
DVX 98
The second part in this documentary looks at the era of Camelot and the building of the Kennedy legend, to Edward Kennedy's fall at Chappaquidick and withdrawal from the 1980 presidential race.
The American Experience - Last Stand at Little Big Horn
DVX 99
This Emmy-winner examines "Custer's Last Stand" from two viewpoints: the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Crow who lived on the Great Plains, and the white settlers who pushed west.
The American Experience - Midnight Ramble
DVX 100
This program recounts the history of the predominantly black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. Close to 500 movies were produced between 1910-1950 to counter-act the offensive African-American stereotypes depicted in Hollywood films.
The American Experience - Vietnam A Television History
Volume 1: Roots of a War - The First Vietnam War 1945-1954
DVX 156

Volume 2: America's Mandarin 1954-1963 LBJ Goes to War 1964-1965
DVX 157
Volume 3: America Takes Charge 1965-1967 - America's Enemy 1954-1967
DVX 158
Volume 4: Tet 1968 - Vietnamizing the War 1968-1973
DVX 159
Volume 5: Cambodia and Laos - Peace Is at Hand 1968-1973
DVX 160

Volume 6: Homefront USA - The End of the Tunnel 1973-1975
DVX 161

Volume 7: Legacies - DVX 162
This Emmy-Award winning, 13-hour, seven volume video collection provides a detailed visual and oral account of the war that changed a generation and continues to color American thinking on many military and foreign policy issues.

Civil War
Episode 1: The Cause, 1861
DVX 137

Episode 2: A Very Bloody Affair, 1862
DVX 138

Episode 4: Four Simply Murder, 1863
DVX 140

Episode 5: The Universe of Battle, 1863
DVX 141

Episode 6: Valley of the Shadow of Death,1864
DVX 142
Episode 7: Most Hallowed Ground, 1864
DVX 143

Episode 8: War is all Hell, 1865
DVX 144

Episode 9: The Better Angels of Our Nature, 1865
DVX 145

This landmark documentary by Ken Burns movingly and vividly presents the bitter conflict over Union and State's Rights which evolved into a struggle over the meaning of freedom in America.