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Purchased Player Instructions
How to authorize a purchased player to play NLS books
In order to authorize a purchased player to play NLS books (cartridges or downloads), you need to first register for a BARD account.  If you do not have a BARD account, fill out the BARD online application and select your purchased player from the drop-down menu at the bottom (it will default to NLS Digital Talking Books Machine).  Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and approved.
If you already have a BARD account, log in and select the “Update account settings” link towards the bottom of the main page.  Then select the “add a purchased player” link and follow the instructions on the page.  We must review and approve all purchased player requests as well.
Both of these methods will cause an email to be sent to the manufacturer of your purchased player alerting them of your request to authorize your devise to play NLS books.  Each manufacturer has a slightly different process for handling these requests, but in general you will receive an email from the manufacturer requesting the serial number of your purchased player.  Some manufacturers may ask you to fill out an online form; others may ask you to reply to their email directly.  Follow the specific instructions your manufacturer sends you, and if you have any questions, contact their tech support department for assistance.
Once you respond with your serial number, the manufacturer will send you another email with your key attached to it.  There should be instructions in the email regarding how to load the key onto your player.  For example, if you have a Victor Stream, the key you receive is attached to the email you receive from Humanware.  It will have a very long name that contains the numbers of your Stream’s serial number, and will end with the file extension .KXO.  You must download this attachment onto your computer, then transfer it onto the root directory of the SD card (a.k.a. the first view that appears when you open the SD card) that comes with the Stream.  When you reconnect the SD card to the Stream and turn the player on, it will announce that the player has been authorized.
If you have any problems along the way, or do not understand a portion of the instructions the manufacturer sends you, contact their tech support department.  They can help walk you through the process, and are much more familiar with their devises than we are.  Once we approve your BARD account or your purchased player request, the remaining portion of the process is out of our hands.  You can find your manufacturer’s contact information on their websites, usually including phone numbers that will connect you with a live person.