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Descriptive Video Catalog: Science
Nova: B-29 Frozen in Time
DVX 170
Travel on a perilous mission to repair and fly a rare B-29 bomber.
Nova:  Hurricane
DVX 349
Nova flies into the eye of one of the worst hurricanes ever...Hurricane Gilbert...for eye-witness accounts of nature at it's most devastating.
Nova: In Search of Human Origins
Volume 1: The Story of Lucy
DVX 110
Volume 2: Surviving Africa
DVX 111
Volume 3: The Creative Revolution
DVX 112
Controversial fossil hunter Don Johanson takes us along on his lively quest to unravel the mystery of our human origins.
Nova: Killer Quake
DVX 155
On January 17, 1994, a previously unknown fault convulsed beneath Los Angeles, the most destructive in modern L.A. history. Join NOVA in search of clues to where nature will strike next.
Nova: Lightning!
DVX 169
Explores one of the most dangerous, high-voltage, natural phenomenon on earth--lightning.
Nova: The Miracle of Life
DVX 113
Take an Emmy-winner voyage into the human body. Through cinematography which magnifies cells up to half a million times, witness one of nature´s greatest events--the creation of life.
Nova: Mystery of the Senses
Volume 1: Hearing
DVX 114
Volume 2: Smell
DVX 115
Volume 3 :Taste
DVX 116
Volume 4: Touch
DVX 117
Volume 5: Vision
DVX 118
An exploration of the human body´s incredible ability to perceive its environment through the five senses--hearing, smell, taste, touch and vision.