Voting Members

Mary Lee Turner Chair



Jeanne-Marie Moore – Chair-Elect

American Council of the Blind (ACB) of Oregon Representative


Cami Nielsen

Public Librarian Representative

Christie Joachim

Senior Citizen User-at-Large


Don McCollum

Senior Citizen User-at-Large


John Brown

National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Representative


Mike Tobias

Reading-Disabled User-at-Large


Patricia Cuno

Parent of a Minor User-at-Large

Richard Turner

Commission for the Blind (OCB) Representative


Scott Wall

Vision Working Group Representative

Theresa Powell

Department of Human Resources (DHS) Representative


Non-Voting Members

MaryKay Dahlgreen

State Librarian or Oregon


Susan Westin

Talking Books Program Manager


Elke Bruton

Talking Books Public Services Librarian


Melissa Krueck

Talking Books Fund Development Officer


Joel Henderson

Talking Books User Accounts Coordinator