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  • Boat Titles and Registration
    Paddler from Eastern OregonAll motorized boats, regardless of length or type, must be titled and registered in Oregon. Sailboats 12 feet and longer must also be titled and registered.

    Registration and title fees and marine fuel taxes support boating facilities, marine law enforcement and boating safety education.
Registration Tips Boat Title & Registration Resources
Boat Transactions available at our online store, RegLine ("Redge-line")

      • ·         Boat Registration Renewal
        ·         Boat Title and/or Registration Application (initial and Oregon title transfers)
        ·         Replacement Oregon title
        ·         Duplicate/Replacement Boat Registration
        ·         Address Updates
        ·         Account and Record Review
        ·         Online Lookup (boat or owner)
 New Boat Fees Effective November 1, 2015:
Transaction Type
Required Documents or Information
Renew boat registration for an Oregon titled boat
Applicant must be the current owner
Registration Fee - $4.50 per foot, rounded up
AIS Surcharge - $5
Register a USCG Documented Vessel primarily used in Oregon
Applicant must be the current owner on the US Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation
Registration Fee - $4.50 per foot, rounded up
AIS Surcharge - $5
Replacement Certificate of Number
Registration must be current; certificate of number (registration card) only
Replacement Certificate of No.
Fee - $15
Replacement Certificate of Number plus Registration Decals
Registration must be current; certificate of number (registration card) plus registration decals (stickers)
Replacement Certificate of No. plus Decals Fee - $15
Register a Rent or Lease (livery) motorboat
Individual or entity must an active account as Rent/Lease (Livery) with the Marine Board or pay the full registration fee
Registration Fee - $6 per boat
AIS Surcharge - $5 per boat
Register for a Dealer Plate
Individual or entity must have an active Dealer/Demo account with the Marine Board; if not refer to Marine Board  
Registration Fee - $45 first plate
- $10 additional plates
AIS Surcharge - $5 per plate
Register a State, Federal or Eleemosynary Organization boat
Eleemosynary Organization, State or Federal Agency only; must pay title fee
Non-profit organizations do NOT qualify 
Registration Fee -$0, “E” stickers
NOTE:  Renewal notices with a payment coupon and envelope will be mailed to owners of boats with registration expiring 12/31/2015.  If your boat registration expired prior to that date, you can login to RegLine and renew or contact the Marine Board for your PIN to renew without logging in.
To Renew Boat Registration November 1, 2015 and receive registration expiring 12/31/2017:
1)      Renew online by clicking on the RegLine link above.
2)      Mail the renewal payment with a check or money order noting the boat’s OR number on the check memo.
3)      Visit a Boat Registration Agent, paying an additional agent fee.  Click here for a list of agents.
New Boat Transaction Fees Effective January 1, 2016:
Transaction Type
Required Documents
Title a
Brand New Boat
Original MSO (manufacturer’s statement of origin) or MCO (manufacturer’s certificate of origin)
Title Fee - $50
Oregon Title Transfer
Original Oregon Certificate of Title for a Boat
If title is lost, Lost Boat Title Application with release from owner(s) with signature verification and lienholder release, if any
Title Fee - $50
Late Oregon Title Transfer
Late Penalty Fee assessed for Oregon titled boat when applicant applies more than 30 days from the date of release by the former owner
Late Fee - $25
Title a boat moving into Oregon that has been issued an Out-of-State Title
Original Out-of-State Certificate of Title
Title Fee - $50
Title a boat moving into Oregon that has been issued registration only from a Non-Titling State
Out-of-State Registration or State Record
HIN Verification (photo, side and close up of HIN)
Bill of Sale, if available
Any other supporting documentation
Title Fee - $50
Title a boat that has never been titled or registered
Boat History Form
If available, the MSO or Bill of Sale
Title Fee - $50
Title a boat that was formerly  USCG Documented
Letter of Deletion from the USCG National Documentation Center
HIN Verification (photo of side view and close up of HIN)
Title Fee - $50
Title a boat moving into Oregon from Canada
Bill of Sale
US Customs Documentation or Removal from Canadian Registry
Title Fee - $50
Duplicate Oregon title without ownership changes
Completed Lost Boat Title Application form for a duplicate title
Title Fee - $25


Titling Your Watercraft

Documented recreational vessels primarily used in Oregon waters must be registered.

Oregon boat titles must be submitted online, by mail or through a local agent within 30 days from the date of purchase to avoid a $25.00 late transfer penalty.
Submit other boat title requests online, by mail or through a local agent.

If you have special circumstances:
Phone: (503)378-8587
Mail: Oregon State Marine Board P.O. Box 14145 Salem, OR 97309
Email: marine.board@state.or.us
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Theft on the Rise
Boaters beware of theft! Boat wiring and other metal have been targeted in the Portland/Metro area. Don't leave anything of importance on your boat. Be sure to keep your boat stored in a secure location and remove any important documents until you go out on your next voyage.