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Oregon State Police HITS Unit
255 Capitol St. NE, 4th Floor
Salem, OR  97310

HITS is a violent crimes investigation system that collects, collates, and analyzes the salient characteristics of all murders.  It serves as a support to the field investigators involved in major crimes.  The HITS unit enters data from homicides throughout Oregon.  This information is used to compare information to other crimes with similar methods of operations, to link crimes, or to identify unknown assailants.
Under ORS 181.580, criminal justice agencies within the State of Oregon are required to provide information relating to any suspected criminal homicide (solved or unsolved) to the HITS Unit.  The form contains only information necessary to aid the HITS Unit in comparing homicides and discovering similar characteristics. 
The HITS Unit provides a networking connection for Detectives to provide leads of additional suspects, and places the Detectives in contact with each other so they can share information.           
  1. Determines case, victim, and offender connections to other violent crimes or offenders.
  2. Provides verification when informants and / or offenders give partial or questionable information relating to an alleged murder.
HITS Information Data Bases:
  1. Murder victims, offenders and M.O.
  2. Missing persons where foul play is suspected.
  3. Unidentified dead persons believed to be murder victims.
  4. Violent crimes reported by teletypes, bulletins and investigator requests.
  5. Oregon liaison to VICAP (FBI’s serial murder tracking program).
  6. Oregon liaison to Interpol – point of contact dealing with requests for assistance to and from other countries.
  7. Timeline – Chronological Activities of murderers or other violent offenders.