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Oregon State Athletic Commission - Medical Advisory Committee
About the Committee
The Oregon State Athletic Commission Medical Advisory Committee serves as an advisory group to the Oregon State Athletic Commission on medical issues and policies.  So much of the critical components of the Commission's regulatory function is the application of health and safety standards.  The Committee provides advice to the Commission on required medical testing for competitors, medical requirements for the safe conduct of boxing, mixed martial arts, and entertainment wrestling events, and other issues that require the expertise of trained physicians. The Committee also considers and approves proposed ringside physicians.  The Committee is comprised of five, volunteer physicians appointed by the Oregon State Police Superintendent.  The Committee meets as needed.


The Medical Advisory Committee is currently made up of the following Oregon Physicians:

Dr. Logan Priollaud

Dr. DeWayde Perry 

Dr. Tracy Taggart 

Dr. Yo Atteberry

Dr. Garrett Vangilisti
How do I become a Ringside Physician in the State of Oregon?
The Oregon State Athletic Commission is currently recruiting qualified physicians with an interest in serving as a Ringside Physician.  The Commission requires that a physician be assigned to all regulated events. To be eligible to serve as a Ringside Physician in Oregon, a physician must be currently licensed in Oregon. 
If you are interested in becoming a Ringside Physician please contact the Oregon State Athletic Commission for more information.  
Ringside Physicians are asked to conduct pre-fight physical examinations of mixed martial arts and boxing competitors.  They review submitted medical testing to approve applicants for competition. Ringside Physicians observe the competition and respond to medical needs; including advice to referees on the continuation of a bout after injuries. They also perform post-competition examinations to determine if a competitor must be temporarily or permanently suspended from further competition.
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