Eighteen OSP Recruit Troopers Graduating August 16 From Basic Police Training at Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem

August 14, 2013

Lieutenant Craig Flierl
Training Section
(503) 378-4510

Eighteen Oregon State Police (OSP) recruit troopers will graduate with 11 recruit officers from other law enforcement agencies Friday, August 16, 2013, at 11:00 a.m., from the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Basic Police training program. The graduation ceremony will take place in Salem at the Oregon Public Safety Academy located at 4190 Aumsville Highway.
The twenty-nine total recruit graduating officers include 18 OSP recruit troopers, 7 city police recruit officers, 2 county sheriff recruit deputies, and two tribal law enforcement recruit officers. Their graduation marks the successful completion of the 16-week training program for Basic Police Class 337.
OSP Superintendent Richard Evans praised each of the recruits for their dedication to complete this phase of training that is preparing them for the difficult challenges working as a law enforcement officer.
“Thank you to the OSP and DPSST training staffs for their commitment in providing a high level of training for these men and women,” said Evans. “I know that the communities where they will be working are looking forward to having them help make Oregon a safer place to live, work, recreate, and visit.”
The eighteen OSP recruit troopers are scheduled for assignments at the following locations:

* Recruit Trooper Peter Anderson – OSP Klamath Falls Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Richard Anderson – OSP Portland Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Thomas Andreazzi – Lakeview Work Site
* Recruit Trooper Jonathan Boggs - La Grande Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Andrea Borraggine – Central Point Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Elias Breen – Salem Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Eli Friesen - Salem Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Kurtis Hansen – Hermiston Work Site
* Recruit Trooper Michael Kendoll – Portland Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Bryan Kolacz – Springfield Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Wesley Linhart – Pendleton Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Mac Marshall – Portland Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Matthew Moran – The Dalles Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Matthew Newby – The Dalles Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Jason Schaffner – The Dalles Area Command
* Recruit Trooper Matthew Schmidt – Government Camp Work Site
* Recruit Trooper Timothy Schuette – Baker City Work Site
* Recruit Trooper Scott Severson – Newport Area Command
The graduating OSP recruit troopers began their academy-based training March 17, 2013, when they reported for an initial 4-week OSP pre-academy training program. They then joined the city, county, and tribal recruit officers for the 16-week Basic Police training program from which they are graduating. The OSP recruit troopers will report for a brief period of field training at their assigned offices and then return back to DPSST for a six-week of OSP Post-Academy training program.
The Basic Police Class No. 337 graduation ceremony marks the completion of the Basic Police training for the multi-agency integrated class facilitated by DPSST, which provides statutorily-required basic training to newly hired city police officers, county sheriff's deputies and OSP troopers.
Anyone interested in future potential hiring opportunities to become an Oregon State Police Trooper may obtain more information at the OSP recruiting website, www.osptrooper.com, or call the OSP Training / Sworn Applicant Processing Section at (503) 378-4175.
Questions regarding DPSST training and services can be directed to DPSST Director Eriks Gabliks at (503) 378-2332.
The Oregon State Police is a full-service public safety agency providing diverse services to the citizens of Oregon. Our mission is to enhance livability and safety by protecting the people, property, and natural resources of the state. To realize our vision and accomplish our mission our objectives are to BE THERE (be ready and able to respond to the increasing needs of Oregonians); PREVENT HARM (engage in vigilant enforcement of laws and regulations while making Oregon's roadways safe and reducing our citizen's exposure to crime, fire and disasters); and, SUPPORT OREGON COMMUNITIES (providing specialized services and assistance throughout Oregon in support of the statewide public safety infrastructure).  
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