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OSP Mobility + E-Ticketing Program Receives State's "Gold Winner Award, Runner-Up for National Award
October 23, 2012

Captain Tom Worthy
I.T. and Technology Improvement Program
(503) 934-0266

Paula Newsome
State Chief Information Office
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Photograph link valid 30 days (Left to right: Dugan Petty, Albert Gauthier, Captain Tom Worthy)

The Oregon State Police Mobility + E-Ticketing Program, a program designed to improve efficiencies in the traffic citation process and increase collaboration while reducing costs, was recently honored as the “Gold Winner” during the State Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) third annual awards program. The Mobility + E-Ticketing Program was also announced Monday as the runner-up for a 2012 Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology in State Government by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).
The Oregon State Police Mobility + E-Ticketing Program developed an electronic citation process to more efficiently move a citation from the law enforcement officer’s hand to circuit and justice courts across the state. Working collaboratively with the Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Oregon State Police (OSP) began developing the program in January 2011 as part of a series of technology-based projects that are transforming and upgrading how the Department conducts daily business and how OSP state troopers work. The Mobility + E-Ticketing Program was successfully completed eleven months later as 39 circuit courts began moving from the delivery of handwritten citations to electronically receiving citations after preparation at the scene of the traffic stop. 
Multiple agencies and vendors worked together to deliver a fully integrated solution that automated OSP systems and helped the courts. Deputy Superintendent Maureen Bedell praised the collaborative work of all those involved with the program’s development including OSP Chief Information Officer Albert Gauthier, OSP Captain Tom Worthy, OJD Deputy Chief Information Officer Jim Conlin, and ODOT Law Enforcement Program Manager Steve Vitolo. 
“To be considered and selected for special recognition at the State and National level is proof that we successfully delivered an efficient solution to improve efficiencies that can be used not only by OSP but also by all law enforcement agencies in Oregon,” said Bedell. 
More information about the Oregon State Police Mobility + E-Ticketing Program is available on the department’s website at http://www.oregon.gov/osp/NEWSRL/Pages/news/10_08_2012_eticket_award_finalist.aspx
The State CIO’s awards program gives state agencies an opportunity to share their project experiences and to be recognized for their outstanding and innovative IT and business accomplishments. The goal of this awards program is to acknowledge excellence and achievement for state Enterprise level IT project solutions, spanning across agencies and throughout state government. On the enterprise level the goal is cross-boundary Government to Government (G to G), Government to Business (G to B), and Government to Citizen (G to C), project/program collaboration with a shared focus. Additional information about the State CIO’s awards program and the “Gold Winner” award for the Oregon State Police Mobility + E-Ticketing Program is available at:

On October 22, 2012, the NASCIO announced the Oregon State Police Mobility + E-Ticketing Program was selected as the runner-up for the 2012 “Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnerships” award. More information about the NASCIO awards announcement is available on their website at: