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Oregon State Police Rolls Out New Recruiting Web Site
Lieutenant Gregg Hastings
Public Information Officer
Office: (503) 731-3020 ext. 247

As part of an aggressive and continuing effort to find men and women interested in an exciting law enforcement career opportunity, the Oregon State Police (OSP) rolled out a new recruiting Web site to help potential applicants learn who we are, what we are about, and understand the recruitment and testing process. The new Web site is just one of several recent changes the Department has made to help make dreams come true for people sincerely interested in helping make Oregon a safer and better place.
www.OSPTrooper.com Bumper Sticker
With the ongoing support of Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski and the legislative leadership, the Oregon State Police is keeping the wheels moving in an unprecedented, aggressive recruitment and training plan that includes the approved addition of 100 new trooper positions during the 2007 legislative session. The addition of these new positions, not only for the Patrol Services Division, but also for the Fish & Wildlife and Criminal Investigations Divisions, provides the agency with an exciting challenge to find highly qualified candidates.
"Our commitment to the Governor and the Legislature is that the Department's high standards will not be lowered in order to hire additional troopers," said OSP Superintendent Timothy McLain. "My message to every OSP office is that recruitment is one of our highest priorities at this time as we look for new ways to let people know who we are, what we do, and how they can be an important part of our future."
Superintendent McLain specifically pointed out that a total evaluation of OSP's recruitment process has led to several changes to help meet recruitment goals without reducing standards of excellence. Highlighted changes include:
* A completely re-tooled recruitment Web site at  www.OSPTrooper.com specifically designed to provide important information to applicants;
* The ability to fill out an application online and immediately email it to OSP;
* Additional Entry Level Testing dates to provide more opportunities in streamlining the testing process;
* A first-time Career Officer Lateral Entry Employment Program (COLEEP) to accept qualified law enforcement employees from other agencies who have a minimum of three years of full-time job experience as a sworn, paid law enforcement officer within the past six years;
* Upcoming out-of-state visit at the University of Idaho campus to recruit, receive applications, and conduct Entry Level Testing over a four day period; and,
* New patrol vehicles with rear bumper decals reading: "BE A TROOPER  www.OSPTrooper.com
The new recruitment Web site idea came about when Sergeant Erin Reyes, who directs the OSP Recruitment Unit, found that most recent trooper applicants learned about OSP job opportunities on the Internet. With the help of OSP recruiters, Troopers Ken Terry and Dave Randall, and creative OSP dispatcher Dina Rudesheim, the new up-to-date and relevant Web site was developed.
In addition to the online application improvement, the new Web site, www.OSPTrooper.com, contains an in-depth overview of the qualifications and testing requirements necessary to be offered a position as an OSP recruit, including video demonstration of the required Entry Level physical testing.
"Many applicants were coming to take the physical test without proper preparation. The new Web site will provide information and demonstrations to help applicants understand the nature of the physical requirements, and also help in their preparation to pass that portion of the Entry Level Testing," said Sergeant Reyes. "The new Web site also includes special information for military personnel, and testimonials from female troopers and newly recruited lateral troopers."