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Wrong Way Driver Found Suffering Medical Problem Taken to Klamath Falls Hospital
Lieutenant Gregg Hastings
Public Information Officer
(503) 731-3020 ext. 247

An 83-year old Yuma, Arizona man was taken to a Klamath Falls hospital after he was stopped driving for about 20 minutes the wrong way on Highway 97 between Klamath Falls and Chemult before troopers got him safely stopped. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment of a possible stroke.
On March 28, 2012 at approximately 10:00 a.m. Oregon State Police (OSP) Southern Command Center started receiving reports from motorists of a northbound motorhome, towing a car dolly with a sedan, traveling in the southbound lane of Highway 97 approximately thirteen miles north of Klamath Falls near milepost 259.
An off duty Klamath County sheriff's deputy traveling in his personal vehicle came upon the motorhome near Collier State Park (milepost 244) and watched it repeatedly go into the southbound lane. The deputy estimated this caused approximately 15 cars and trucks to go onto the shoulder to avoid a head-on collision with the motorhome. The deputy followed the motorhome northbound relaying its location to OSP until a trooper from the Chemult area spotted the motorhome.
The trooper got behind and attempted to stop the motorhome using his emergency lights and siren, but the motorhome continued to drive in the southbound lane forcing several more southbound cars, trucks, and buses onto the shoulder to avoid crashes even as the trooper was following it with lights and siren on. This continued for about six miles before the driver finally noticed the trooper and stopped approximately 20 miles south of Chemult.
The driver, who was enroute to visit family in the Willamette Valley, was determined to have possibly suffered a stroke. He was transported to Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls by Chemult EMS. Family members were notifed and advised they would travel to Klamath Falls to be with their relative.
Due to the underlying medical problem, no enforcement action was taken against the driver.