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Last modified at 9/12/2017 12:57 PM by Tiffany Lynn
Applicants must complete an NTN online profile and pass the Frontline National law Enforcement exam with a minimum score of:
65+% Video, 70+% Writing, 70+% Reading
A score less than the values indicated above in any of the three tested categories results in a test failure. Applicants will have to wait three months to re-take the test.
Applicants who have previously  achieved a passing test score within one year (12 months) of an open recruitment will be accepted for consideration.
Interested applicants that have not yet tested with NTN can go to the testing site link below: 
** Out of state applicants not having an NTN testing facility near them may travel to Oregon OR any NTN location to complete the exam.
1.      Select Search for Jobs from the left side menu.
2.      Select Law Enforcement for Enforcement jobs.
3.      Under the Oregon heading, select Oregon State Police.
4.      Select Continue.
5.      A pop up box will appear.  Read the contents of the box and select That is All I Want
         to sign up for the tests or Cancel if you need to add more jobs for the tests.
6.      Verify that you meet the requirements for the jobs, select the appropriate option at the
         bottom of the job announcement, and select Continue.
7.      Select the testing location, then Continue.
8.      Select the testing date and time.
9.      Confirm the test information, then Continue.
10.    Login with an existing account or Register for a new account.
11.    Follow the remaining steps on the NTN site.

The NTN application for testing is not by itself an application for Oregon State Police employment.
Upon completion of the entry level exam all candidate scores are automatically forwarded to the
Oregon State Police. Only Candidates who obtain a passing score on the entry level exam will move
through to the next phase of the entry level application process.  
Candidates not obtaining a passing score will not be allowed to submit a NeoGov application. Applicants not obtaining a passing score will have a three month waiting period before they will be eligible to re-take the NTN exam.
The National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct entry level testing and ORPAT testing in a standardized, professional environment. National Testing Network does not replace the Oregon State Police's applicant review responsibility and decision making in the testing process. All candidate results are provided to OSP where the final decisions are made for further evaluation.
Applicants who have successfully tested with NTN should ensure their NeoGov profile is accurate and up to date.
The Oregon Physical Abilities Test or ORPAT was designed to replicate critical and essential physical tasks and demands faced by police officers in the normal performance of their duties. Both specific tasks and overall physical demands are replicated in the ORPAT through the use of a carefully designed and validated, timed "obstacle course."
For a complete description of the ORPAT and a video demonstration visit this link:
Applicants can self-schedule an appropriate date and time to take the ORPAT by registering through NTN to take the test at: 
NTN ORPAT Testing Information and Scheduling
Applicants who have passed the ORPAT within twelve months of filling out their NeoGov application may have their test score accepted by:
  • Submitting a letter containing the administering agency's letterhead
  • Letter must certify the test was conducted to the DPSST validated standard
  • Attaching the ORPAT certification letter as a scanned document to the osptrooper@osp.state.or.us.
A detailed link explaining the validated test components of the ORPAT can be found at: 
Applicants who have taken the ORPAT and passed through NTN DO NOT have to submit proof of testing.
OSP will periodically be facilitating the ORPAT at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem, Oregon. Applicants will have had to receive a passing score on the NTN Frontline Law Enforcement exam in order to register for an ORPAT time slot.
**Applicants are urged to register to take the ORPAT through the NTN website as OSP does not guarantee any regular dates or times. OSP sponsored ORPAT testing will be advertised here. 
*** NOTICE*** If you have already paid and registered for an ORPAT test date and time through NTN you may not be eligible for a refund in the event of cancellation or failing to show up. It is recommended you keep your appointment. In the event you pass the ORPAT, OSP Training Section personnel will contact  you regarding the completion of the Recruit Background History Questionnaire (RBH), Personal History Questionnaire, and California Psychological Inventory (CPI).

ORPAT TESTING DATES THROUGH OSPOSP does not currently have any scheduled ORPAT dates and times. Please check back.