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Trooper Applicant Processing Steps

Recruit Processing Steps:
Follow the link on the left to the online application.  

Applicants must be truthful in responding to all questions. It is imperative that all information provided throughout the applicant process be accurate and no pertinent information withheld.
Applicants must have an email address in order to be in constant communication throughout the selection process.  Notices will be sent via email regarding testing dates, application status, and other important information.
Applicants will be required to submit to a drug screening test and will be fingerprinted sometime during this process.

When We Receive An Application:
On-Line applications will be submitted by the applicant for each testing cycle.  An application is good for one testing cycle only.
The application and application process is the same whether an applicant is applying as an entry level officer or a lateral officer.

Records Check:
Minimum qualifications will be verified -- age, education, citizenship, driving license, driving record, criminal record. An applicant who does not meet the minimum qualifications will be notified by official email.

Test Notification:
Tests are held as determined necessary to fill vacancies.  Letters of notification of test date, time and location will be sent via email prior to the date for Entry Level Testing.  The notification letters also requests a confirmation of your attendance of the testing.  Confirmation is mandatory.  If an applicant is unable to attend their scheduled testing date then their file will be closed for that testing.  Applicants will have to re-apply during the next application opening to attend the next Entry Level Test.
Each application opening is tied to a specific Entry Level Test date.  If you cannot attend the  Entry Level Test that you have been scheduled for, please re-apply at the next opening of our application.

Entry Level Test:

Entry Level Testing (ELT) includes a physical abilities test and a written test.
The physical abilities testing, which consists of pushups, sit-ups and a two (2) mile run, is pass/fail.
No rescheduling of individual portions of the testing process is permitted.
The written test consists of a timed, twelfth grade equivalency test, that covers math, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Click the below link for a study guide and test taking tips. 

OSP Written Test Study Guide and Test Taking Tips 

An applicant who fails any portion of testing can reapply at any time and repeat the complete testing process at the next test period. 
Those applicants that successfully pass the physical abilities test will be given take a pre-employment psychological test to determine suitability for a career in law enforcement. 

Applicants will also be sent a comprehensive personal history form by email to complete.  The personal history forms are required to be completed and returned within two weeks.

Applicants will be screened, utilizing test information, as well as their personal history information.  Any information withheld or found to be untruthful is grounds for immediate closure of a file.  

Background Investigation:
Applicants who move forward to the background investigation phase will receive materials to complete and return to the Sworn Applicant Processing Section.  Background investigations take between three to eight weeks to complete depending on their individual compexity and geographic loaction. Results of investigations are for Oregon State Police use only, and are confidential.  To review the list of required documents needed during the background investigation, please review the Advanced Notice document.

Final Selection:
The entire applicant packet, including testing and screening, the applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, and the results of the background investigation, will be reviewed. Hiring decisions are based on a complete review of the candidate and not on a numerical ranking.

Appointment Process:
An applicant who receives and accepts a Recruit Trooper position must pass a medical examination, psychological examination, drug screening test, and updated records check (driving record, computerized criminal history, LEDS/NCIC).  The applicant will also be fingerprinted. 

Command Level Interview:
Applicants will meet with Commanders for a formal interview prior to finalizing their appointment as a recruit.

The Superintendent has final approval on all appointments.