Mobilization Plan Review Committee  


Mission Statement

The mission of the Mobilization Plan Review Committee is to develop recommendations for changes to the Oregon Fire Service Mobilization Plan to increase efficiency and effectiveness during mobilizations.


For copies of the current Mobilization Plan, please contact Mariah Rawlins via


The 2016 Mob Plan was unanimously approved by the State Fire Defense Board on March 9, 2016.


2015 Committee Membership


Les Hallman, Newberg Fire

Jack Carriger, Stayton Fire



Greg Davis, Office of State Fire Marshal

Jerry Hampton, Haines Fire

Lang Johnson, Grants Pass Fire

Dustin Morrow, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Mariana Ruiz-Temple, Office of State Fire Marshal

Ron Tyson, Olney-Walluski Fire

Jim Walker, Office of State Fire Marshal


Staff Support:

Mariah Rawlins


2016_Mobilization Plan

Documentation of changes to the 2016 Mob Plan