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4760 Portland Road NE
Salem, Or 97305-1760

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Phone: 503-373-1540
Fax: 503-373-1825



Administration​ 503-934-8205 sally.cravinho@state.or.us
503-934-8245 terry.wolfe@state.or.us
​​503-934-8227 sue.otjen@state.or.us
Education ​503-934-8236 claire.mcgrew@state.or.us
​503-934-8219 stephanie.stafford@state.or.us
​503-934-8273 dave.e.gulledge@state.or.us
​503-934-8250 osfm.data@state.or.us
​877-588-8787 osfm.data@state.or.us
​503-934-8240 krista.fischer@state.or.us
Emergency Response 503-934-8238 ​​mariana.ruiz-temple@state.or.us
503-378-6835 SFM.CR2K@state.or.us
503-378-6835 SFM.CR2K@state.or.us
503-934-8280 jamie.kometz@state.or.us
503-378-6835 OHS@sfm.state.or.us
​800-454-6125 OHS@sfm.state.or.us​
Fire and Life Safety 503-934-8201 jason.cane@state.or.us
​503-934-8204 david.mills@state.or.us
​503-934-8264 anita.phillips@state.or.us
Valerie Abrahamson
Executive Administrative Support
503-934-8211 valerie.abrahamson@state.or.us
Lisa Bradley
503-934-8235 lisa.bradley@state.or.us
Jason Cane
Supervising Deputy State Fire Marshal
503-934-8201 jason.cane@state.or.us
Aleta Carte
Environmental Specialist
503-934-8262 aleta.carte@state.or.us
Candice Clark
Fire Data Specialist
503-934-8232 candice.clark@state.or.us
Sean Condon
Deputy State Fire Marshal
503-934-8255 sean.condon@state.or.us
Sally Cravinho
Executive Assistant
503-934-8205 sally.cravinho@state.or.us
Greg Davis
Supervising Deputy State Fire Marshal - Bend
541-536-7792 greg.davis@state.or.us
Kristina Deschaine
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Springfield
541-726-2572 kristina.deschaine@state.or.us
Sharon Dunn
OSFM Receptionist
503-934-8200 sharon.dunn@state.or.us
Bethany Emmert
Administrative Specialist
503-934-8366 bethany.emmert@state.or.us
Rachel Fellis
License & Permits Program Assistant
​503-934-8272 rachel.fellis@state.or.us
Shawna Fenison
Youth Fire Prevention & Intervention Training Specialist
503-934-2136 shawna.fenison@state.or.us
Dave Fields
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Madras
541-475-0401 dave.fields@state.or.us
Krista Fischer
Youth Fire Prevention & Intervention Program Coordinator
503-934-8240 krista.fischer@state.or.us
Gus Frederick
Training & Development Specialist
​503-934-2137 gus.frederick@state.or.us
Scott Goff
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Pendleton
541-276-4076 scott.goff@state.or.us
Brent Griffiths
Cardlock Compliance Specialist​
503-934-8287 brent.a.griffiths@state.or.us
Dave Gulledge
Analytics & Intelligence Program Coordinator
503-934-8273 dave.e.gulledge@state.or.us
Jay Hardwick
LPG Compliance Specialist
503-934-8278 jay.hardwick@state.or.us
Jeff Henderson
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Coos Bay
     Ext. 335
Rich Hoover
Community Liaison
503-934-8217 richard.hoover@state.or.us
Karine Johnson
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Ontario
     Ext. 780
Michelle Johnson
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Central Point
​541-618-7982 michelle.r.johnson@state.or.us
Mark Johnston
Community Right to Know Program Coordinator
503-934-8214 mark.johnston@state.or.us
Dan Jones
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Salem
503-934-8289 daniel.m.jones@state.or.us
Shelly Kendrick
CR2K Information Assistant
503-934-8239 shelly.kendrick@state.or.us
Jodi Knutson
Budget Analyst
503-934-8210 jodena.knutson@state.or.us
Mistie Kohlmeyer
Administrative Specialist
​503-934-8256 mistie.kohlmeyer@state.or.us​
Jamie Kometz
Hazardous Materials Response Teams Program Coordinator
503-934-8280 jamie.kometz@state.or.us
Nicole Lewis
License & Permits Coordinator
503-934-8285 nicole.lewis@state.or.us
Claire McGrew
Fire & Life Safety Education Manager & Assist. Chief Deputy


Alan McMahen
IMT Logistics Coordinator
503-934-8297 alan.mcmahen@state.or.us
Ted Megert
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Milwaukie
     Ext. 250
Shannon Miller
Deputy State Fire Marshal - McMinnville
503-435-0366 shannon.miller@state.or.us
David Mills
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Codes & Technical Service Unit
503-934-8204​ david.mills@state.or.us
Sue Otjen
State Emergency Response Commission Coordinator
503-934-8227 sue.otjen@state.or.us
Tad Pedersen
Deputy State Fire Marshal - Astoria
     Ext. 24
Anita Phillips
License & Permits Manager
503-934-8264 anita.phillips@state.or.us
John Phillips
Research Analyst
503-934-8237 john.L.phillips@state.or.us
Mariah Rawlins
IMT Program Coordinator
503-934-8293 mariah.rawlins@state.or.us
Amy Roach
Fire and Life Safety Education Program Assistant
​503-934-8266 amy.roach@state.or.us
​​Matthew Rodriguez
CR2K Compliance Specialist
​503-934-8242 matthew.rodriguez2@state.or.us
Mariana Ruiz-Temple
Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal
503-934-8238 mariana.ruiz-temple@state.or.us
Victoria Sartain
Survey Processor
​503-934-8294 vicki.sartain@state.or.us
Kristin Schafer
Healthcare Compliance Specialist
​503-934-8867 kristin.schafer2@state.or.us
Gordon Simeral
CR2K Compliance Specialist
503-934-8282 gordon.simeral@state.or.us
Art Spond
CR2K Compliance Specialist
503-934-8246 art.spond@state.or.us
Stephanie Stafford
Fire Prevention Coordinator
503-934-8219 stephanie.stafford@state.or.us
Josh Taylor
Compliance Specialist
​541-934-8286 joshua.taylor@state.or.us
Lori Van Dan Acker
Licensing Representative
503-934-8274 lori.vandanacker@state.or.us
Jim Walker
State Fire Marshal
503-934-8209 jim.walker@state.or.us
Lisa Walker
Survey Processor
503-934-8270 lisa.walker@state.or.us
Tammie Waters
Administrative Specialist
​503-934-8276 tammie.waters2@state.or.us
Jamie Whitehouse
Training & Development Specialist
503-934-0039 jamie.whitehouse@state.or.us
Fraser Wick
Emergency Response Unit Program Assistant
503-934-8283 fraser.wick@state.or.us
Terry Wolfe
SERC Plan Coordinator​
503-934-8245​ terry.wolfe@state.or.us
Jaime Zinck
Training & Development Specialist
503-934-8233 jaime.zinck@state.or.us